Enhanced Refill Processing and Medication Synchronization

What is Medication Synchronization?

Medication synchronization, or Med Sync, gives pharmacists the ability to coordinate multiple patient medications in order to improve adherence and increase efficiency. Med Sync is also a convenient way for patients with multiple prescriptions to pick up all of their medications during a single pharmacy visit each month. Such a streamlined process can improve the healthy outcomes of patients with several medical conditions who might not otherwise follow their prescribed medication regimen.

Med Sync offers a number of advantages, including:
  • The capability to combine multiple prescription refills into one convenient pick up for your patients
  • The opportunity to increase the adherence performance ratings for your pharmacy
  • The ability to coordinate patient counseling sessions with monthly prescription pick ups

How to use EnterpriseRx Enhanced Refill Processing (ERP) to accomplish Med Sync

Setting up ERP

There are several features in ERP that will help with setting up Med Sync:

Target Window for Grouping Retail ERP Items (Days)

This option allows ERP to look ahead for other ERP items to include in an order.

Using this setting will allow you to synchronize medications together that might not have the exact same fill date but are within a specified range so that they can be filled together. This option allows multiple prescriptions to be picked up together without having to modify fill dates.

Earliest Date ERP Target Date can be Modified (Days) and Latest Date ERP Target Date can be Modified (Days)

These options will allow you to adjust dates to match the same fill date for multiple prescriptions, or at least bring them inside the grouping range described above.

Note: Before configuring these options, you should review your third-party contracts to ensure that you are not setting these ranges too high, resulting in an increased number of “Refill Too Soon” exceptions.

Processing prescriptions

When filling prescriptions, you may choose from several options once you have set the above configurations in the Clinical Refill Programs – Administration Menu:

Scenario 1
If the fill date is within the “Target Window for Grouping Retail ERP Items (Days),” then the prescription will synchronize automatically once enrolled in ERP.

Scenario 2
You can short fill the prescription to line up with existing synchronized prescriptions. On the subsequent refill for a full day’s supply, enroll the prescription in ERP for all future fills.

Scenario 3
You can fill the first fill (but do not enroll in ERP); then follow Scenario 2 in order to synchronize the medication with other prescriptions on profile.

For more information, please contact your McKesson Pharmacy Systems Account Manager or Account Executive.