Pharmaserv Supply Management Terms

1. Service. McKesson will provide Client with the McKesson Product and/or Third Party Product to enable Client to create a standard Purchase Order EDI file format to be transmitted directly to a wholesale vendor who has been certified by McKesson for receiving and processing orders (“Wholesale Vendor”), and receive EDI files from the Wholesale Vendor with order acknowledgements, and/or optional price file update files and/or invoice files, and/or other files that may be available from Wholesale Vendor that can be processed by Pharmaserv® Supply Management software.

2. Client Responsibilities. Client will: (i) secure the proper contracts, initiate the EDI service request and/or other requirements that may be required by Client's Wholesale Vendor for the processing EDI files; (ii) install high speed internet connectivity; (iii) provide McKesson and Wholesale Vendor with a static external IP address; (iv) open router/firewall port and communicate the open port number to McKesson Wholesale Vendor to allow communications with Wholesale Vendor; (v) update Software to the minimum software version required by McKesson to operate the Pharmaserv® Supply Management software module; (vi) provide McKesson with the communication parameters assigned to Client by the Wholesale Vendors; (vii) assist McKesson with communication certification with Wholesale Vendor; (viii) be responsible for maintaining perpetual inventory and make manual inventory adjustments if necessary; (ix) assume all responsibility and liability for determining, updating, and maintaining the system and Software with the proper parameters that determines which source(s) of price file updates Client opts to utilize and which cost field(s), AWP or acquisition, will be updated; and (x) resubmit orders to Wholesale Vendor if required.

3. McKesson Responsibility. McKesson will: (i) create and provide to the Wholesale Vendor, the necessary security certificate files to allow for secured transmissions of the EDI file between Client's system and Wholesale Vendor, and (ii) assist Client with communication certification with Wholesale Vendor.