What is a Biosimilar Product?

  • A biosimilar is a biologic medication that is highly similar to and has no clinically meaningful differences from an existing FDA-approved biologic, called a reference product.
  • While biosimilars are similar to their reference biological product, they are not generic equivalents.
  • Biosimilars go through a rigorous FDA review process including analytical, animal and clinical studies. The biosimilar approval process provides assurance that biosimilars provide the same treatment benefits and risks as their respective reference products

What do biosimilars offer?

  • Expanded treatment access for patients with complex diseases
  • FDA-approved safe and effective treatments
  • Potential for substantial cost savings on expensive therapies
  • Economic Opportunities for your health system

As more biosimilars become available in the U.S., health systems, payers and patients all stand to benefit from further incorporating these safe and effective therapies throughout our healthcare ecosystem.

A cartoon drawing showing buildings in the shapes of letters spelling "Medical" and two excavators called "Specialty Products" and "Biosimilars" taking them down.

Including Biosimilars in Your Health System Strategy

When it comes to developing the right overall strategy for your health system, a partner like McKesson is able to leverage their scale with global suppliers in order to seamlessly integrate innovative distribution strategies for biosimilars, generics, and specialty products.

Watch the video to learn more learn about biosimilars and how McKesson can help you achieve more.

Navigating biosimilars with the 340B Pricing Program

Good news for biosimilar adoption rates as pharmacies find workable strategies to help them achieve more.