Pharmaceutical Product Ordering and Returns

Make ordering and returning drug products easy and efficient with McKesson Connect, our comprehensive online ordering platform that supports the business needs of your pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical ordering and returns


McKesson Connect is our online pharmaceutical ordering portal, easily accessible from any desktop system or mobile device. By using McKesson Connect, you have access to up-to-date product and pricing information, simple and intuitive ordering and return functionality, inventory management, purchase history reporting, customer payment solutions and interoperability with other pharmacy or hospital IS systems.

Product catalog and ordering features

Our comprehensive online catalog of pharmaceutical products features a robust and user-friendly search capability that allows you to search for products by hundreds of different product variables. With McKesson Connect, you have access to up-to-date price and availability data for our entire catalog of products. These features include a wide variety of product attributes and images.

Our flexible and scalable online pharmaceutical ordering platform also features the following workflow and purchase control options:

  • A one-click Quick Order option
  • A Send for Review function to send orders to centralized reviewers before purchasing
  • Template-only ordering restrictions to exclude specific items from displaying or ordering
  • Mark specific items as preferred, helping with formulary management activities
  • Multiple product profile control options, such as blocking the order of Class II controlled substances by certain pharmacy personnel

McKesson Connect also simplifies backorder management of pharmaceutical products. You can automate backorder tracking and receive order availability alerts and notices of optional automated shipment once a product is available.

With our automated drop-ship ordering capability, specific products not supplied through the wholesale distribution channel are shipped directly from manufacturers to your location, streamlining your purchasing and distribution processes.

Manage purchases through McKesson Connect’s Prepare PO feature, which:

  • Allows systematic review of orders prior to submission, creating opportunities to identify lower-price or advantageous contract alternatives
  • Checks supply inventory, identifying any items that may not be filled and presenting alternatives for your selection when available
  • Identifies order quantities that don’t align with system-suggested values
  • Presents information on automatic substitutions and alternate sourcing, when applicable, for your review

Capabilities and benefits of our drug inventory and asset management solutions

The online ordering and return features in McKesson Connect support your pharmacy’s drug inventory and asset management activities in two ways:

  • They allow you to manually enter or upload inventory counts to create physical inventory valuation reports and data extracts
  • They track and help manage drug inventories by department within your pharmacy

By maintaining up-to-date product pricing data in our system, we help you:

  • Run financial reports on the valuation of your current inventory
  • Export financial reports for record keeping purposes
  • Connect to an external information system to provide product and pricing information if a third-party vendor is tracking your pharmacy’s inventory

Applications and components within McKesson Connect help you optimize drug inventory and asset management through system-generated order quantities and reorder points. The system does the following:

  • Assigns products into velocity categories by dollar or volume usage
  • Uses weighted purchase history as well as customer-selected parameters to assign reorder points and quantities
  • Provides shelf-label printing to produce reorder point labels that help you with scheduled replenishment activities

By using the drug inventory and asset management capabilities available through McKesson Connect, you are able to:

  • Automate purchases for sites using manual processes
  • Free up pharmacist and pharmacy staff time for more direct contact with patients and customers
  • Eliminate duplicate or obsolete inventory and reduce product waste
  • Improve inventory turnover and replenishment, particularly on high-dollar and high-volume products
  • Help increase compliance with preferred network contracts through better drug formulary management

Product return processing

Our online pharmaceutical return processing system automates the creation and submission of return requests. The system features easy access to all invoices to simplify return processing, enables online return authorization printing and updates return status tracking when credits are issued.

Simplify your interdepartmental pharmaceutical billing

McKesson Connect simplifies your pharmacy’s interdepartmental billing (IDB) process and helps hospital and health system pharmacies track the flow of pharmaceuticals throughout the organization.

With McKesson Connect, you are able to:

  • Create unique IDB accounts to assign to each satellite department
  • Track product movement by quantity and dollar volume to and from those departments through the creation of IDB invoices or credits
  • Print IDB invoices, either as packing lists for departmental orders or to track product cost flow at the package or unit-dose level
  • Improve operational efficiency by tracking product flow and enabling financial reporting on product movement for internal accounting purposes

Mobile solutions for pharmaceutical ordering, maintenance and return

We offer your pharmacy a mobile solution to meet your particular ordering, receiving, inventory and return needs.

Mobile Companion is our mobile extension that allows you to log into McKesson Connect from a smartphone or tablet to:

  • Look up items in our catalog
  • Check available inventory and view up-to-date pricing and product information
  • Send a Quick Order to McKesson for particular pharmaceuticals
  • Build and submit entire orders for pharmaceutical products
  • Check the status of your orders
  • Conduct barcode receiving to confirm your orders
  • Scan and submit physical inventory files to your account for reporting purposes
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