When Our Communities Need Us – We’ll Be There

The Expanding Responsibilities and Leadership Role of Health System Pharmacy

Over the last few months, we’ve shared dynamic and compelling content that acknowledges the expanding responsibilities of health system pharmacists, their leadership in the industry, and their role as stakeholders in the future of healthcare.

Their message is clear: When our communities need us, we’ll be there.

Here is a comprehensive overview the videos, articles, Q&A, and downloadable infographic that we’ve created to highlight this important message. Click the social share buttons and use your own voice to thank and acknowledge the important work of health systems pharmacy.

A pharmacist stands still.

Download an informative infographic about The Vital Role of Health System Pharmacy. In it, you can learn more about the important role health system pharmacists and pharmacy techs play in healthcare.

A pharmacist stands with her arms crossed

Watch our videoThe Pharmacist Perspective. It’s an inspiring video highlighting the expanding role of pharmacists and their commitment to the future of healthcare.

Two pharmacists look at paperwork behind the counter

Read the article Highlighting Resiliency and Addressing Burnout in Health System Pharmacy by Barbara Giacomelli. As the risk for burnout in pharmacy increases, health systems should address the challenges.

A pharmacist inputs data into a computer

Read the article Continuity of Care: The Impact of Health System Pharmacy Beyond the Hospital Walls by Margaret Ryman. Learn more about how health system pharmacists are expanding patient care beyond the hospital walls in a continuum of care.

A group of healthcare professionals meet inside a conference room.

Read the article Support and Advocacy for Health System Pharmacists by Dave Ehlert. From public policy to supply chain analytics, McKesson provides enhanced support for pharmacy teams.

interior of production facility

Check out our latest Ask the Experts Q&A on The Future of Health System Pharmacy. Experts Craig Dolan and Josh Jang discuss the future of health system pharmacy and its expanding responsibilities and technology advances in healthcare.

Two hospital workers stand together in a hallway

Watch our video The McKesson Perspective. Learn how McKesson helps health system pharmacy achieve more through support and advocacy.

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