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Navigating the 340B drug pricing program can strain resources and the bottom line. We understand the complexities of the 340B program, and we know how 340B works in any setting, from the largest healthcare system to the smallest community pharmacy. For more information regarding 340B Consulting, please fill out the form below.



340B Specialty Pharmacy Information

Health systems frequently consider operating specialty pharmacies. While access to the 340B drug discount program is complex and detailed, the advantages can far outweigh the challenges. It’s important, though, to understand the obstacles and risks, and have the right tools in place to overcome them.

Obstacles and risks

The importance of self-auditing and compliance

The purchasing requirements surrounding specialty drugs are dictated by the manufacturer and can change at any time. For patients that qualify and receive a 340B-purchased drug, a drug manufacturer may contact the covered entity and ask it to provide an assurance or specific information to support that medications purchased at a 340B price actually were dispensed to eligible patients. If not, pay-back terms will be developed.

All sites of care are not created equal

There are multiple entities within any given healthcare system, including hospital-based clinics (whose prescriptions would qualify for 340B) and clinics overseen by a system’s larger physician employment group (whose prescriptions would only qualify for 340B under specific circumstances, e.g., a hospital discharge prescription).

Specialty drugs represent less than 2% of prescriptions, yet they account for nearly 40% of consumer spending in the same channels.

How to overcome the obstacles and risks

Enhancing infrastructure: Technology to the rescue

With applications like Macro Helix 340B Architect™, EPIC Willow®, Verity340B® and others, contract pharmacies can quickly confirm whether a patient qualifies for 340B pricing. By automating these variables, organizations are able to minimize the risk of errors at any number of points along the complex 340B supply chain, which helps to ensure compliance while supporting optimal pricing and reimbursements.

Diminishing complexity: 340B savings at a glance

Further up the value chain, healthcare system administrators can use the same software to quickly see the revenue generated by their specialty pharmacies as a result of the 340B arrangement and confirm their 340B savings across the organization.

See how McKesson helps navigate 340B complexities with these recordings from the 340B Coalition and live events.

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