McKesson 340B Impact

Expect more for your 340B program. Achieve more with McKesson.

Why 340B Impact?

340B Impact optimizes the management of a health system 's complex 340B program through better-informed supply chain decisions guided by business intelligence analytics - allowing health systems and pharmacies to achieve more.

The Collaboration

340B Impact is a value-added solution that will be offered to joint McKesson and Macro Helix customers. It will utilize data elements from multiple sources to provide insights into 340B program performance. 340B Impact’s enhanced analytics will identify specific opportunities for 340B purchasing optimization and increased savings.

Some of the key features include:

  • Comprehensive dataset inclusive of both Macro Helix and McKesson data sources
  • Aggregate visibility at system-level, including all hospital and pharmacy locations
  • Real-time, interactive, customizable views
  • Sophisticated data mining to produce purchasing optimization insights, including:
    • Generic optimization results based on customer-specific charge ratios, accumulations and current product availability
    • Mixed-use and high-cost drug optimization results based on customer-specific utilization and purchasing patterns