A Consultative Approach to Addressing and Mitigating Drug Shortage Concerns

McKesson’s Critical Care Drug Task Force leverages clinical and supply chain expertise.

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By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

To meet the needs of our customers, McKesson has leveraged the considerable experience and clinical expertise of stakeholders throughout the company to create the Critical Care Drug Task Force (CCDTF). Originally convened during COVID-19, the CCDTF draws on the more than 100 years of combined experience of our health system pharmacists, procurement and regulatory experts, and other internal stakeholders to help manage the supply needs of critical drugs, to address and mitigate drug shortage concerns, and to educate our customers.

Together, the team provides insight beyond a single point of view. By taking a consultative approach, the CCDTF has created a partnership of some of the brightest minds across the industry. Team members share learnings with health system customers to help them manage supply constraints, but the dialogue within that shared learning matters. The CCDTF facilitates ongoing conversations with customers to help to alleviate fears of inventory shortages.

The CCDTF is just one of many ways our team works to connect the dots between drug utilization and tangible solutions from across our enterprise and partners, health systems operations, and patient care efforts.

Read more about the CCDTF and how they are helping customers prepare for inventory shortages through data and dialogue.

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