Celebrating American Pharmacists Month

And taking a closer look at what motivates our pharmacists to help you achieve more.

Read time: 1 minute

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Each October for nearly 100 years, people all across the country have shown their appreciation to pharmacists, and in 2004, October was officially declared American Pharmacists Month.

At McKesson, we recognize the many meaningful contributions pharmacists make to the profession and to the healthcare system as a whole – and these go far beyond administering vaccinations and filling prescriptions. From educating patients on their available therapeutic options, to helping them break through medication access barriers, and even working alongside clinicians at the patient’s bedside to identify the most effective course of care possible – the business of pharmacy is personal.

In honor of this year’s American Pharmacists Month, we’ll be sharing stories from our own pharmacists on what drives them in their quest to help health systems achieve more for the business of pharmacy and the patients they care for. We invite you to follow along and to join us in celebrating all pharmacists for the difference they continue to make in advancing the profession of pharmacy and driving positive patient outcomes.

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