Delivering Better Patient Care While Boosting Pharmacy Efficiency

Frost & Sullivan’s research highlights McKesson's distribution processes.

By: Frost & Sullivan

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When an item is unavailable from the primary distributor, health system pharmacies often spend more than half an hour searching for the item in a different system. But for the average McKesson user, it takes 24 minutes to follow through on this process, more than 20% faster than with our primary competitors.1

That additional 6-7 minutes is integral to productivity; one task can have a significant impact on time efficiency.

We are relentless in our pursuit to capture every revenue opportunity and operational efficiency to reduce waste and help drive the financial health of health systems to achieve more goals today and into the future.

Findings from a Frost & Sullivan study with health system pharmacy leaders revealed how various McKesson distribution processes help health systems achieve more.

The evaluation looked at several critical areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Productivity and time management – Time spent placing a single order, stocking, resolving questions, etc.
  • Inventory management – Effectiveness of communication regarding shortages, overall management and efficiency
  • Cost of Ordering – Cost savings or additional expenses associated with using a secondary distributor

Explore what the research revealed.

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1Frost & Sullivan White Paper, “Delivering Better Patient Care While Boosting Pharmacy Efficiency.” (2020)