Learn How Your Supply Chain Can Achieve More When Diverse Stakeholders Work Together

Case study reveals an increased value on supply chain when clinicians and distributors work together.

By: McKesson Medical Surgical Editorial Team

Read time: 1 minute

Building a more resilient, standardized, and cost-effective healthcare system relies on the important and various roles of stakeholders in the supply chain. Health system supply chain leaders are increasingly tasked with procurement and inventory management – but they don’t have to do this work on their own.

This case study with Lehigh Valley Physician Group (LVPG) demonstrates how diverse stakeholders can work together to improve supply chain performance.

Here are some highlights of how teaming up with McKesson helped ease the burden on LVPG’s supply chain leaders:

  • Simplified procurement by standardizing to a single distributor
  • Made ordering easier from a standardized formulary of products
  • Moved to molecular lab testing for a point-of-care approach

Read the full case study to learn how McKesson and LVPG addressed the need for supply chain, clinicians, and distribution partners to work together to ultimately help deliver quality care and reduce costs.

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