Considerations for Integrating Cell & Gene Therapies into Community Hospitals

Insights on expanding access to CGT treatments within community healthcare systems.

Read time: 4 minutes

By: Joe DePinto

The second of a two-part article recently published by Cell & Gene and coauthored by Joe DePinto, Head of Cell, Gene, & Advanced Therapies at McKesson, emphasizes the need to deliver the right treatments at the right time and place. The article explores strategies for integrating cell and gene therapies (CGTs) into community hospitals, considering factors like geographic location, patient access, and clinical outcomes. Operational challenges and financial implications of bringing CGTs to community settings – including infrastructure, training, and reimbursement issues – are also discussed. Read the full article, Part 2: Getting The System Ready: Enabling Investment In Community Hospitals To Improve Patient Access To Cell And Gene Therapies, on Cell & Gene.

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