Could Expanding the CGT Network to Include Community Hospitals Ease Capacity Constraints and Improve Patient Access?

As the CGT pipeline grows, the currently CGT delivery model may feel the strain.

Read time: 4 minutes

By: Joe DePinto

In a recent article published by Cell & Gene and coauthored by Joe DePinto, Head of Cell, Gene, & Advanced Therapies at McKesson, the challenges and future of cell and gene therapy (CGT) access in the U.S. are discussed. With 32 CGT products currently available and a growing pipeline, the healthcare system faces capacity issues. This insightful piece explores the possibility of expanding the healthcare provider network to include community hospitals, which could potentially alleviate capacity constraints and enhance patient care for CGTs. Read the full article, Part 1: Mobilizing Community Hospitals To Improve Patient Access To Cell And Gene Therapies, on Cell & Gene.

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