Health System Pharmacy as a Cornerstone for Improved Patient and Financial Health

Outlining pharmacy’s positive influence on patient health and the system’s financial health

Read time: 3 minutes

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Amid rising drug and healthcare costs, an increasingly complex regulatory environment, and other challenges, health systems continue their quest to reduce costs, improve revenue, and operations all while working toward the shared goal of providing top-notch care and helping to improve patient outcomes.

At the same time, drug expenses continue to account for more and more of total hospital operating expenses each year, putting pharmacy leaders in a precariously visible position – and one which inherently comes with the burden of proof. Fortunately, there is no shortage of evidence for making a case that the pharmacy is (and should be recognized as) a fundamental cornerstone of health systems – providing a critical foundation for patient care and improved outcomes while supporting the organization’s bottom line.

Read more about the pharmacy’s positive influence on both the health of the patient and the financial health of the system in McKesson’s latest article in collaboration with Becker’s Hospital Review.

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