Enhancing The Ordering and Returns Process to Meet DSCSA Requirements

How McKesson Connect provides support and functionality to health systems.

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By: McKesson Editorial Team

The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is a US federal law that establishes requirements for the secure and traceable distribution of prescription drugs. Its aim is to enhance patient safety by preventing counterfeit, adulterated, or stolen drugs from entering the supply chain.

To help your health system meet the upcoming DSCSA requirements, McKesson Connect, our online pharmaceutical ordering platform, is making enhancements to provide customers with access to DSCSA transactional information (TI) data during order Receiving & Return process for product verification, identification, and traceability.

How McKesson Connect Provides Support and Functionality

As a distributor, McKesson is establishing the processes and procedures for product identification, product traceability, and product verification. The McKesson Connect platform offers customers real-time pricing and inventory levels, order status tracking, advanced search functionality, robust reporting, and an interactive pharmacy peer community.

Within McKesson Connect and Mobile Companion, we are implementing a combination of requirements requested by law and enhancing the order Receiving and Return functionality so we can offer our customers the best experience.

McKesson Connect Features and Enhancements

While our convenient online portal helps save you time, McKesson Connect is also implementing enhancements to help you meet the upcoming DSCSA requirements. Our platform features include:

  • Up-to-date pharmaceutical product and pricing information
  • Drug purchase history reporting
  • Payment solutions
  • Interoperability with other pharmacy or hospital IS systems

To meet the DSCSA mandatory reporting capabilities, Connect will also provide:

  • DSCSA enhancements to the Receiving and Returns process
  • Display of transaction information (TI) which includes the GTIN, serial number, lot number, and expiration date in the current Receiving and Return process
  • Ability to search on demand for historical DSCSA transaction information for purchases from McKesson and to export those search results.

Improving Efficiency with Mobile Companion

Everything moves faster in pharmacies today. With help from Mobile Companion, McKesson’s mobile ordering website, you can facilitate efficiency and accuracy in your pharmacy operations. Mobile Companion offers:

  • A mobile website accessible using McKesson Connect credentials and accessible on any mobile device
  • Constantly in-sync with McKesson Connect
  • Speedy delivery check-in by tote, line, or item

To address DSCSA requirements and streamline certain processes, Mobile Companion will also provide:

  • The ability to scan product barcode labels to create orders, receive items, and perform physical inventory
  • Enhanced barcode scanning capabilities to meet DSCSA requirements within receiving, returns, and physical inventory functionalities

When it comes to supporting DSCSA requirements for health systems, McKesson Connect provides customers with access to information, as well as enhances both the Receiving and Return process. By leveraging your partnership with McKesson, health system customers can enhance the security, traceability, and integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain, allowing more time to focus on patient care.

Is your health system DSCSA ready? Contact us to learn how McKesson can help your health system stay compliant so you can achieve more.

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