Celebrating National Pharmacist Day

Recognizing the many contributions pharmacists make to improved health outcomes for all.

Read time: 2 minutes

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

January 12, 2024 marks National Pharmacist Day. And while pharmacists play pivotal roles in positively impacting patient outcomes, the viability of health systems, and the healthcare industry as a whole, every day of the year, we’d like to take this dedicated opportunity to highlight these important contributions by revisiting featured stories of some of our own pharmacists shared throughout American Pharmacists Month this past October.

We kicked off the month by learning how Brad Myers, PharmD, MBA, is helping to rewrite the pharmacy playbook, and we learned what keeps Heather Easterling, PharmD, MBA putting one foot in front of the other each day. In honor of Women Pharmacist Day (October 12) and breast cancer awareness month, we sat down with Lindsey DeMarrais, PharmD, MS to discuss how pharmacists can play an integral role in the care of patients with breast cancer. Craig Dolan, BS, PharmD, MBA showed us the close tie between family and pharmacy, and we got a first-hand look at Dave Ehlert’s, PharmD, MBA, FASHP, FACHE “Go big or go home!” spirit.

Later in the month, we marked Pharmacy Technician Day (October 17) and National Pharmacy Buyer Day (October 27) with a closer look at the unique – and evolving – scope of these critical roles. We discovered what really strikes a chord with Larry Alaimo, PharmD, and Margaret Ryman, BS, PharmD, BCPS took us on a deep dive into what drives her. Ram Arumugam, RPh, MBA, shared the “why” behind his crusade for access. Finally, Andrew Wilson, BS, PharmD, FASHP showed us how – to him – pharmacy can be fun.

Today, on National Pharmacist Day, we hope these stories will continue to serve as a reminder of how and why, for us, the business of pharmacy is personal – all year long.

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