Navigating Retail Pharmacy: McKesson’s Payer Solutions for Health Systems

Our Payer Solutions eBook can help retail pharmacies learn how to leverage opportunities and capture revenue.

Read time: 6 minutes

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

In-house retail pharmacy is frequently overlooked or underutilized, yet it has the potential to enhance a health system’s business performance. If your organization doesn’t yet offer retail pharmacy services, or if your existing operations are in need of improvement, you may be missing a vital link in the continuum of patient care.

In this free eBook, our experts take a closer look at some of the pharmacy-focused challenges facing health systems today. They delve into patient leakage, as well as the advantages of integrating a retail pharmacy into your health system — or improving your existing one. And they discuss some significant ways that McKesson can help you and your organization achieve more.

Download the “Navigating Retail Pharmacy: McKesson’s Payer Solutions for Health Systems” free eBook and discover how McKesson can help you achieve more.

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