Podcast: 5 Minutes with a Pharmacist – in Discussion with Craig Dolan

A brief Q&A on topics health systems should be aware of from the pharmacist’s perspective.

Listen Time: 5 minutes

By: Craig Dolan

We were recently joined by Craig Dolan, Vice President of Knowledge Management and Thought Leadership at McKesson Health Systems (MHS) for another installment of our “5 Minutes with a Pharmacist” podcast series, where we hear unique insights from the perspectives of industry experts who have backgrounds in health system pharmacy themselves.

Craig’s career in pharmacy started at the bedside as a health system pharmacist, eventually working his way through management leadership and hospital administration. Currently, Craig works on the MHS Professional & Advisory Services (P&AS) team, helping hospitals and health systems operate more efficiently and making sure that business decisions better align with customers.

Listen to the full podcast here to hear what Craig has to say about the current challenges facing health systems, what the future may hold for health system pharmacies, and which potential shifts to watch for in the coming years.

5 Minutes with a Pharmacist

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