MHS In the News: Andrew Wilson Answers "One Burning Question"

A 340B expert discusses how to make sure the program is benefiting patients.

By Andrew Wilson

Listen time: 7 minutes

A key goal of the 340B Drug Pricing Program is to allocate additional revenue to health services for patients in underserved communities, such as free care for uninsured patients, free vaccines, mental health treatment and more. While overall 340B savings is tracked and managed by hospitals, oftentimes it is not delivered back to the hospitals to invest in such programs. Instead, it can be consumed by high billing and operating costs.

In a conversation with Keith Streckenbach of Pharmacy Practice News, Andrew Wilson, vice president, 340B Solutions for McKesson, discusses this one burning question pertaining to 340B: “Have you examined how your actions with the 340B Drug Pricing Program are benefitting your patients?

Listen to hear what he shared.