Top Prescribed Perspectives Reads for September

The top three Prescribed Perspectives articles downloaded by health systems in September.

Explore recommended downloads for health system teams from September 2022

Our most-downloaded content by health system teams in September 2022 includes a video about the commitment of health system pharmacists, an article about inventory management to combat supply chain disruptions, and a featured article about integrated retail pharmacies for health systems. Click our recommended reads to learn more on Prescribed Perspectives.

Leaders in Healthcare: The Commitment of Health System Pharmacists

Health system pharmacists have taken on the challenges facing healthcare, providing more direct patient care than ever before. Check out this inspiring video highlighting the expanding role of pharmacists and their commitment to the future of healthcare.

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Inventory Management: Adjusting the Approach

Health systems are adjusting their approach to inventory management to combat supply chain disruptions and other challenges to patient care. Many are evolving their inventory management practices due to operational challenges stemming from the pandemic. Here are some of the areas where they are adjusting their approach.

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Improving the Financial Situation of Health Systems through Integrated Retail Pharmacies

Do you already have a health system retail pharmacy, or are you looking to open one? Integrated retail pharmacies are a strategic asset to health systems when they provide various offerings within the hospital. These pharmacies help support patient care and expand services that in turn contribute toward positive cash flow for the health system.

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