Video: Pave the Way to Profitability with Your Outpatient Retail Pharmacy

Underutilizing your outpatient retail pharmacy comes with costly risks.

Watch time: 2 minutes

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Today’s complex healthcare landscape requires health systems to rely on revenue improvements, operational efficiencies, and strategic integration for their financial viability more than ever before. In response, health system leaders and executives continue to evolve, developing innovative strategies, exploring nontraditional partnerships, and thinking outside the box when it comes to additional streams of revenue and cost-cutting opportunities. Still, despite its potential to help improve patient outcomes, enhance a health system’s business performance, and diversify revenue streams, the outpatient retail pharmacy is often overlooked.

In this video, we explore how a fully integrated retail pharmacy can help you achieve more for your business of pharmacy and support the financial health of your system while revealing three costly risks of underutilizing this critical resource.

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