McKesson 340B Program Consulting

McKesson’s 340B experts can help 340B-eligible hospitals achieve more by reducing costs, capturing revenue and staying compliant. Our 340B consulting focuses on processes and technologies that diminish complexity while advancing your organizational goals.

Manufacturer 340B Contract Pharmacy Actions

Since 2020, drug manufacturers have implemented policies restricting the purchase of 340B-priced drugs for Covered Entities when dispensing through Contract Pharmacies.

340B program contract pharmacy services

One of the best ways to extend the reach of your 340B program benefits is to develop retail or contract pharmacy networks. McKesson facilitates this process by offering:

  • Independent external audits for covered entities
  • Retail pharmacy network feasibility analysis
  • Medicaid financial assessment and billing assistance
  • Network and claims optimization to achieve maximum savings and audit readiness

Expertly informed audit preparation

A 340B audit can be a daunting task. Our team will help you prepare for audits with:

  • Compliance gap assessments
  • Auditing advisory services
  • 340B mock audit services
  • External independent contract pharmacy auditing
  • Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) customer audit support

We can also provide on-site reports, advice and corrective assessments during an audit.

Optimize your 340B supply chain to maximize savings potential

A well-designed supply chain promotes a seamless 340B program. Our 340B experts have extensive experience in clinical, supply chain and pharmacy operations. We can offer recommendations to enhance business performance through:

  • Supply chain contract optimization
  • Billing and revenue cycle management
  • Medicaid financial assessment and billing
  • Strategic 340B purchasing practices
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The Bumpy Path to 340B Restoration as Customers See It

Restoration of 340B contract pharmacy pricing in the wake of recent manufacturer mandates requires contract pharmacies to follow a complex process for data reporting and reinstatement. Read our whitepaper to learn what our customers think about this process — and our recommendations for navigating this evolving 340B contract pricing program.

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340B Playbook: Achieve More Understanding of the Complex 340B Drug Pricing Program

Designed to help you keep pace with the evolving world of 340B, this playbook can be a go-to resource — whether you’re just beginning a 340B program for your organization, or you’re looking to fine-tune and optimize the program that you already have.

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How to ensure your 340B program works for everyone – including you

A Q&A with McKesson’s 340B experts to help you achieve more.

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Navigating biosimilars with the 340B Pricing Program

Good news for biosimilar adoption rates as pharmacies find workable strategies to help them achieve more.