McKesson 340B Impact

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The Collaboration

340B Impact is a value-added solution that will be offered to joint McKesson and Macro Helix customers. It will utilize data elements from multiple sources to provide insights into 340B program performance. 340B Impact’s enhanced analytics will identify specific opportunities for 340B purchasing optimization and increased savings.

Some of the key features include:

  • Comprehensive dataset inclusive of both Macro Helix and McKesson data sources
  • Aggregate visibility at system-level, including all hospital and pharmacy locations
  • Real-time, interactive, customizable views
  • Sophisticated data mining to produce purchasing optimization insights, including:
    • Generic optimization results based on customer-specific charge ratios, accumulations and current product availability
    • Mixed-use and high-cost drug optimization results based on customer-specific utilization and purchasing patterns
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340B Impact facilitates the effective management of a complex 340B program, presenting a curated network of solutions that leverage business intelligence technology to inform customer decisions – so health systems achieve more.

Why 340B Impact?

  • For the financial health of your organization: accurate and timely insight into your performance is critical to effective 340B program management.
  • For the value derived from performance measurement: savings trackers measure the business impact of guided interventions by health system personnel.
  • To simplify 340B's significant supply chain complexity: 340B Impact unwinds multifactorial purchasing decisions to provide targeted insights.
  • To leverage full visualization and interaction capabilities: using Microsoft's Power BI technology will allow you to act on our data-driven analytics.


Tool Capabilities (PowerBI)

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  • Data is presented at the system-level by default, with flexibility to isolate specific data points down to the account and NDC level. Data provides a comprehensive view of program performance.
  • Data customization and numerous filter options to drill into the program metrics and see how performance is broken out at the hospital, service type, location and account levels.

340B Impact Features: Savings Analysis

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  • Compares 340B savings against drug expense to quickly identify diverging trends. Further analysis with 340B Impact can identify the source of the changing spend and savings profile.
  • Savings can be further analyzed through a drug hierarchy moving from broad therapeutic categories through individual NDCs.

340B Impact Features: WAC Analysis

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  • Quickly determine the impact of WAC purchases on your 340B program performance.
  • Net WAC Impact Analysis
    • Drill into and evaluate trends for Net WAC Impact for therapeutic classes or individual drugs. Slice the results to focus on WAC Savings, WAC Premium or all results combined.
  • WAC Premium Opportunity
    • For entities carving out Medicaid, identify actionable WAC Premium while accounting for intentional WAC Medicaid purchases.
    • Medicaid exclusion data derives from Macro Helix charge and prescription-testing management data.
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