EnterpriseRx®: The Fully Hosted Pharmacy Management System

Elevate every aspect of your pharmacy by centralizing operations, prescription drug dispensing and patient wellness programs with this cloud-based McKesson pharmacy system.

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EnterpriseRx Testimonials: What Pharmacy Professionals Think

Customers review their favorite aspects of the EnterpriseRx pharmacy management system, including mail order prescription drug delivery, centralized pharmacy operations, pharmacy inventory management, and pharmacy load balancing.

Streamline your pharmacy operations with EnterpriseRx

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Whether you already own multiple pharmacies or plan to expand your business, EnterpriseRx will empower you to improve patient care and manage your pharmacy operations more efficiently. Customizable and fully hosted, our cloud-based application integrates every aspect of your business, including workflow, clinical programs, and pharmacy data and reporting.

Pharmacy software that’s powerful for your patients

Pharmacies ultimately exist to improve patient wellness, and your patients will notice the EnterpriseRx difference from day one. Our pharmacy software integrates medication adherence tools to promote healthy outcomes, including convenient prescription fulfillment through synchronization of multiple prescription refills and mobile delivery systems.

You can also pass savings onto your patients by tapping into McKesson’s OneStop Generics program, which empowers you to better manage pharmaceutical drug costs. And with EnterpriseRx, you can access real-time patient profile information from any location, which fosters consistency and increases patient trust in your pharmacy and the services you provide.

Achieve your business goals with hosted pharmacy software

Get ready for EnterpriseRx to immediately improve day-to-day operations and help you achieve your long-term business goals. With EnterpriseRx, you can:

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Customize and scale pharmacy workflow

Streamline critical aspects of your business with web-based prescription refill programs and automated communications between your pharmacy, physicians and patients.

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Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 24/7, centralized management and monitoring

Keep tabs on your enterprise-wide pharmacy resources in real time from a single online pharmacist software application. You can balance pharmacy workloads, run comprehensive reports, and much more.

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Streamline and facilitate your report building with EnterpriseRx Data Insights™

EnterpriseRx Data Insights is the new, easy to use front-end reporting tool with interactive dashboard capabilities that quickly identifies trends and provides summary level data.

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Adapt tools to your specific business model

Retail and Health System pharmacies value our web-based pharmacy management software’s ability to help them focus on patient wellness while scaling their enterprise. Retail pharmacies rely on EnterpriseRx to run efficient, multi-store operations. And hospital and health system outpatient pharmacies use our clinically driven pharmacy software to keep discharged patients healthy

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Rest easy with central fill pharmacy automation

EnterpriseRx facilitates centralized prescription processing, mail order, specialty medication and employee prescription benefit programs to help you expand and diversify your business the way you want.

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Access McKesson’s vast resources

Improve patient care, achieve operational efficiency and increase revenue.


"EnterpriseRx lets us do more from a patient service standpoint. It allows us streamline day-to-day tasks in the pharmacy so that we can spend more time and resources on clinical services, which is where pharmacy’s going."
—Chris Simard, Pharmacy District Manager, Bartell Drugs | Seattle, WA