Pharmaceutical Ordering Data and Systems Integration

Seamlessly merge drug product and transactional data into pharmacy management, health IT and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems from all of your pharmacy sites.

Pharmaceutical ordering data integration capabilities

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McKesson enables configurable pharmaceutical product and data sharing between pharmacy management systems, provider information systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

We provide data interface solutions for pharmacy customers who are unable to support direct, automated electronic data interchange (EDI) through our Data Exchange module. Our solutions allow you to map format and field sequences as needed for pharmaceutical product data import and export. You have the option to save those templates for reuse.

We support your pharmacy with the following categories of product data through our Data Exchange tool:

  • Price/Product Export: Exports our product catalog and pricing information to update external systems
  • Purchase Order Import: Supports inbound imports of orders built in other systems
  • Invoice/Receipt Export: Supports export of invoiced orders to update other systems
  • Miscellaneous Imports: Supports various imports such as preferred item tags or user fields to populate customer-specific data on items

EDI interfaces between your pharmacy and McKesson

We support a wide range of pharmaceutical data interfaces. Our E-Commerce Services team and Third Party Interfaces support team for customer liaisons works with you to support the integration of your product and ordering data with external health information systems.

The documents and interfaces supported include:

  • Purchase orders (EDI 850)
  • Order acknowledgments (EDI 855)
  • Advance order shipping notifications (EDI 856)
  • Invoices (EDI 810)
  • Price files (EDI 832)
  • Other payment or history related feeds to support your systems integration needs

Custom pharmaceutical ordering system integrations

Drive more value from your pharmaceutical purchasing process with actionable, data-driven insights from our custom ordering data integrations.

Our integrations include:

EnterpriseRx – Optimize orders prior to submission from our EnterpriseRx pharmacy management system with PO Prepare integration with McKesson Connect. This allows you to access detailed generic drug product and pricing information within McKesson Connect with a single sign-on from EnterpriseRx.

Macro Helix 340B Architect – Hospital and health system pharmacy customers participating in the federal 340B drug discount program split orders between Macro Helix 340B Architect and McKesson Connect. The integration between Macro Helix 340B Architect and McKesson Connect provides product and pricing files, orders, acknowledgments and other compliance information. This functionality maintains 340B virtual inventory solutions for hospital and contract pharmacy customer needs.

Supplylogix – Easily access systems with single sign-on and create and automatically channel returns from the Pinpoint Transfer product over to McKesson Connect for easier processing with our Supplylogix solution.

McKesson Prescription Automation – Easy-to-use electronic purchase order integration with advanced shipping notice and unit-based receiving capabilities for central fill, mail-order and specialty pharmacy facilities.

Lynx Mobile – Specialty clinic customers leverage Lynx Mobile for order processing, product information flow support and order and acknowledgment/invoice receipt at mobile stations.

Pathways Materials Management – Orders created and submitted in McKesson Connect automatically populate our Pathways Materials Management solution for subsequent automated payment processing and enterprise-wide reporting within the hospital supply chain.

Fulfill-Rx – Customers with Omnicell/Aesynt’s automated systems within the Connect-Rx system chain (MedCarousel, NarcStation, ROBOT-Rx, PROmanager-Rx, MedShelf-Rx) benefit from various system integrations that cover price/product updates, order workflow, receiving automation and drug formulary management.

Third-party drug repackaging – With the data configurations offered in McKesson Connect, hospital and health system pharmacies work with third-party drug repackaging companies to efficiently and automatically split and route orders for off-site repackaging. Learn more about our unit-dose prescription drug packaging solutions.

Vendor partners we support through pharmaceutical ordering data integration

In addition to our custom pharmaceutical ordering systems integrations, our McKesson Connect online platform integrates ordering data with health information systems operated by the following vendors: 

Contact our third-party interfaces team.