Pharmaceutical Purchase History Reporting

Generate customized pharmaceutical purchase and spend reports, analyze and optimize your pharmacy’s drug spend trends, and meet your security reporting requirements through McKesson Connect.

Pharmaceutical purchase history reporting tracks your drug spend

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Effectively and efficiently manage your pharmacy’s information needs with the drug purchase history reporting tools in McKesson Connect. Pre-built and customizable reports produce tailored and timely documentation to comply with all financial and drug supply chain security reporting requirements. Custom reporting features generate documentation for individual pharmacies or specified groups of pharmacies at the regional or national level.

Build reports with up to 28 months of purchasing history by product, account and other transaction variables. The reports store data for longer periods when required to support compliance needs such as traceability reporting to meet Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirements.

Create customized purchase history reports daily, weekly or by month. Receive electronic notifications when reports are ready to be viewed, printed, downloaded or shared. Templates of your most frequently used reports are maintained and easily run again on demand.

Reports are available in a variety of formats, including HTML, ASCII, Excel and PDF.

Predefined reports for your pharmacy’s business and compliance needs

McKesson Connect streamlines your reporting process by providing a variety of predefined—or standardized—report formats available for your compliance reporting needs. By using the standardized reporting features, your pharmacists and staff spend less time on paperwork and more time with patients and customers.

Available predefined reports include:

  • Quick Item Purchase History report shows invoice level, summary by account or summary across account for a particular item
  • Asset Management report supports customer drug inventory management efforts
    • High-Frequency Items report helps you flag items being purchased by your pharmacy at a higher-than-expected rate and where frequency of purchasing may need to be re-evaluated
    • Obsolete Inventory report provides you with a list of products that haven’t moved, giving you insight to which products can be removed and replaced from shelves
  • Descending Dollar report pulls up all purchases to identify their descending dollar spend. It can be run at different classification levels (generic or therapeutic) or at individual item levels
  • 80/20 report provides details about the top 80 percent of dollar spend, sorted in descending order
  • Contract Compliance/Lost Savings report highlights non-contract purchases and shows whether generic alternatives were available at lower prices from another contract or source
  • Controlled Substances report provides quick, easy access to the purchase and distribution history of controlled substances to help support compliance and drug supply chain security efforts
  • Newly Purchased Items report identifies items bought by your pharmacy within a specific time frame for the first time, helping you ensure that those items are being tracked in other internal drug inventory management systems for scanning/dispensing purposes
  • Purchase Cost Variance report reveals purchases top-down, comparing the last month to the average of previous months to spot trends and anomalies in purchasing and drug spend
  • Cost Change report identifies changes in prices over defined time periods, alerting you to help control your drug spend
  • Item Availability Updates report gives you a site-specific status report on supply-challenged items purchased, stocked and in need of replenishing
  • DSCSA Traceability report supports your compliance with the controlled substances traceability requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act
  • Account Comparison report gives you side-by-side purchase history and pricing comparisons between various accounts within your pharmacy
  • Purchase Drill-Down report is an interactive, clickable series of grids that allows navigation from the highest level of purchase history summary down to invoice-level detail
  • Time Series report displays month-to-month purchases to help you recognize trends in purchasing and drug spend across those periods of time

Custom reports for unique pharmacy business and compliance needs

The custom reporting functionality within McKesson Connect gives you the ability to generate unique reports and actionable data to meet the specific clinical and financial needs of your pharmacy.

Our custom purchase history reporting tools allow you to:

  • Select the most useful data fields from hundreds of available field options
  • Apply custom or predefined filters to focus on the data and information your pharmacy needs to improve its clinical and financial performance
  • Sort and group data and information at any field level
  • Run reports for specific pharmacy sites or groups of sites at the regional or national level
  • Run reports based on specific date range, supplier or item
  • Export reports into other formats or combine them with other reports for further analysis