Meet Our Expert: In Brad Myers’ Perfect Game, Everyone is a Winner

Discover why, to Brad Myers, the business of pharmacy is personal.

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By: McKesson Health System Editorial Team, Brad Myers

Brad Myers’ family, friends, and colleagues are used to the familiar smartwatch buzz that alerts him – often multiple times throughout the day – that his beloved North Carolina Tar Heels are playing. Whether it’s football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or even water polo, you can be sure Brad – who is self-described as “bleeding Carolina blue” – will be following along. And there may even be a few tears. For Chapel Hill alum Brad, watching UNC clinch a victory is about more than just school spirit or nostalgia for days gone by – it’s about celebrating what’s possible with teamwork – something he knows a thing or two about.

Making the dream work

As far back as high school, Brad (now Brad Myers, PharmD, MBA) knew he wanted to go into pharmacy. What started as an exploratory, high school-sponsored internship quickly turned into a passion for people and innovation that would serve as the framework for his future.

After finishing pharmacy school in six years (versus the typical eight), Brad sought a path that would allow him to make an impact as close to the patient as possible. He began his residency as a clinical ICU pharmacist, something he credits with cementing much of his deeper motivations, mindset, and processes early on. He recalls the intensely demanding position of having to think quickly, be creative, and make calculated, yet rapid decisions when a patient was crashing – followed by the overwhelming emotion and selfless feeling of gratitude experienced in successful cases, of which there were hundreds.

Perhaps even more vivid, however, is his memory of working with the physicians, nurses, and other clinicians toward a shared goal in these delicate and high-pressure scenarios, something that required perfect synchronization, focus, and teamwork – with each player having a critical role in the final outcome – not unlike what’s needed on the field or the court.

The pharmacy playbook

Following his clinical days, Brad moved into pharmacy management and leadership positions in a number of academic medical centers and health systems, most recently serving as Executive Director of Pharmacy and Lab Services for University of Missouri Heath Care before coming to McKesson. Even away from the bedside, Brad continues to apply his strategic thinking, creative innovation, patient- and people-first approach, and teamwork philosophy to all he does.

As Vice President of MHS Advisory, Brad – ever a fan of sports analogies – considers himself an offensive coordinator of sorts, helping health system pharmacy leaders understand which plays to run to take them furthest down the field, both in terms of their organization’s financial health and the health and outcomes of the patients they serve. Much like his days in the ICU, Brad uses careful, critical, and out-of-the-box thinking – and, of course, teamwork – to uncover paths to success that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or unexplored.

And what about the long game? That, Brad says, would be finding a solution that allows everyone to come out a winner. He has his sights set on using creativity and innovation to be part of the change that disrupts what he considers some of the most pressing pain points in health system pharmacy overall, like inefficient data sharing, technology-driven access limitations, and others. “Ultimately, the goal is to realign the system so that everyone, including and especially the patient, wins.”

The real MVP

Still, as would be expected of any good teammate, people are also at the heart of Brad’s why. He firmly believes in making, giving, or finding opportunities that “help people grow, do what they’re best at, and find happiness doing it.” Despite having saved hundreds of lives, Brad calls out having helped add 150 entry-level jobs – with growth opportunities – in just eight years during his time at Mizzou, something he hopes is still having a positive impact for those employees and their families. Even today, he is constantly looking for ways to help others excel, whether through mentorship, empowering those around him to take risks, or creating unique solutions that position people and organizations for success.

As a father of five, aged 7 to 19, Brad also assumes the role of Coach on a daily basis, with some of his go-to pregame talks being many of the same ones he gives at work: grow, do what you’re best at, and be happy doing it. And as for one of his sons, who recently expressed frustration in not yet having found his calling in life, Brad reminded him that, “Not everyone knows what they want to do from day one, and that’s okay.” Fortunately for all those whose lives he has impacted in the last 23 years, however, Brad did know.

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