Podcast: Health Systems Look to the Future for COVID-19 Financial Recovery

Craig Dolan, PharmD, MBA, of McKesson RxO shares keys to financial recovery.

By Craig Dolan

Watch time: 20 minutes

In an interview with Pharmacy Times, Craig Dolan, PharmD, MBA, vice president of McKesson RxO, said health systems are beginning to look to the future and how they will financially recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hear what he shared in this video podcast.

Key Moments:

0:29 – What hospitals have seen thus far and are experiencing financially
3:34 – Where McKesson is focused currently
5:49 – How hospitals have adapted
7:47 – Importance of innovation in a financial context
10:57 – Innovative opportunities within the pharmacy environment
15:21 – How this unfolds over the next year
18:21 – Innovations that are here to stay

Originally published by Pharmacy Times