Top 10 Posts of 2021

From automation to analytics – these are the most-read posts of 2021.

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Read time: 1 minute

Since launching earlier this year, Prescribed Perspectives readers engaged with a variety of content. From supply chain evolution to the role of data, here are the most-read posts of 2021.

  1. Robotics Automation: Not “One Size Fits All”
    Todd Kleinow, vice president of Strategic Distribution and Operations, explains the power of supply chain automation, its role in a pandemic and what’s next.
  2. An Innovative Approach to Contract Alignment and Chargebacks
    A new, shared industry solution is helping with contract alignment and chargebacks.
  3. 5 Considerations to Adapt to and Prepare for 340B Changes
    340B experts share how to prepare and adjust to recent 340B changes, plus assess impact.
  4. Using Data to Drive a Resilient Healthcare Supply Chain
    Scott Miller, president, McKesson Health Systems, joins panelists to discuss supply chain resiliency and the integral role of data.
  5. Ask an Expert: Ammie McAsey on Supply Chain Evolution
    An expert Q&A sheds light on how the supply chain industry has shifted and what's next.
  6. Podcast: Health Systems Look to the Future for COVID-19 Financial Recovery
    Craig Dolan, PharmD, MBA, of McKesson RxO shares keys to financial recovery.
  7. Ask an Expert: The Importance of Specialty Pharmacies
    A deeper dive into why health systems have continued to expand into the specialty pharmacy space.
  8. Ask an Expert: Valerie Russo Explains White, Brown and Clear Bagging
    How white, brown and clear bagging impact health systems and patients.
  9. Ask an Expert: Barbara Giacomelli Talks Cybersecurity
    A conversation sheds light on the importance of cybersecurity for hospitals and health systems.
  10. Podcast: Katya Hall on the Role of Data in Predicting Future Disruptions
    Listen to hear about the significance of data and analytics in the supply chain.