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McKesson Specialty Health provides industry-leading inventory management and medical practice management technologies that help physician offices maximize efficiencies.

Our deep understanding of oncology practices fuels the development of our technology, and our unique partnership with clinicians gives us the perspective of walking in their shoes—which no one else can replicate. The Lynx suite and our top-ranked iKnowMed oncology-specific EHR are two examples of our technology leadership.


Advanced Technology Suite

iKnowMed Generation 2℠

Developed in collaboration with oncologists, iKnowMed Generation 2 is a powerful electronic health record (EHR) that delivers secure web-based, mobile-optimized access to patient charts, comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support and customizable features for integration into existing workflow. It helps oncologists operate more efficiently, boost financial performance and enhance patient safety. iKnowMed Generation 2 offers fast, easy sharing across the spectrum of care with other practice systems through best-in-class interoperability and provides support in demonstrating Meaningful Use while improving practice efficiency.

Clear Value Plus℠

Clear Value Plus is a regimen support tool for physicians that highlights evidence-based treatment options and provides clinical and reimbursement information at the point of care.

My Care Plus℠

My Care Plus patient portal enables practices who use the iKnowMed or iKnowMed Generation 2 EHRs to enhance relationships with patients by providing more efficient communication via secure online access to their clinical information. Patients can view their personal health record (PHR) and interact with your practice via an easy-to-navigate, customized portal account, allowing for a better understanding of and more active role in their cancer care.

Lynx Mobile®

Lynx Mobile is a customizable, web-based inventory management system with charge capture and reporting solutions to help maximize inventory and practice efficiency, capture and eliminate drug waste, and provide accurate and optimized reimbursement. Lynx Mobile® can easily interface with an existing Practice Management System (PMS) or Electronic Health Record (EHR), providing integrated technology support.

TotalView Generation 2℠

TotalView Generation 2 provides your practices with a greater understanding of your claims and remittance data, a clear picture of your specific practice's reimbursement trends and a better chance to identify any missed revenue opportunities such as drug charges or procedures that may not have been adequately reimbursed.

Practice Insights℠

Practice Insights is a powerful analytics tool that helps oncology practices gain insights from your data in order to drive better outcomes for your patients and your practice.

Innovative Practice Services℠

Innovative Practice Services is a team of professional advisors focused on the core business processes and functions that drive strong financial and operational performance.

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