Technology Solutions for Specialty Practices

Discover technologies built to boost your bottom line and deliver better patient care.

Now more than ever, practices like yours are facing increased costs and decreased reimbursement, ultimately putting strain on operations and pressure on your bottom line. McKesson can help.

Our suite of technologies is designed with your practice in mind. We use the latest machine learning AI and advanced technology to empower you to make the best decisions for your practice. By adopting the latest technologies, you can experience the benefits of an efficient and integrated practice, allowing you to focus on delivering patient care.



From claims management to regimen support, our suite of technology is designed to help you run a successful practice and focus on patient outcomes.


Adjusting to new technology doesn’t have to be hard. Our tech experts work around your schedule to ensure minimal down time and an easy transition to your new solution.


Technology is constantly evolving, which is why we continually enhance our products and invest in new technologies.


Adopting the right technology can help drive an efficient practice, ultimately improving patient care and growing your bottom line.


Many of our technologies connect with each other or with your existing systems, delivering comprehensive data and insights for your practice.


As a McKesson customer, you have access to our entire suite of technology at little or no cost. Plus, we offer discounts with preferred vendors.

A powerful portfolio designed to optimize your operations

Get more reimbursement dollars from every claim

Glide Health: Clean claim submissions solution
Experience a first-of-its kind revenue intelligence solution leveraging predictive machine learning through artificial intelligence (AI) to improve claims management and acceptance rates for your specialty practice.

Increase cash flow through ordering automation

Lynx: Inventory management system 
Automate your specialty drug ordering and increase cash flow with McKesson's customizable web-based inventory management system designed to help specialty practices overcome the challenges associated with delivering injectable and infusible medication therapy.

Proactively analyze regimens and reduce financial unknowns for patients

Regimen Profiler: Financial analysis and treatment estimator
Access a web-based financial analysis tool to review and analyze economic data for different treatment regimens, as well as prepare a written financial estimate to help patients prepare for the cost of treatment.

Make the best decisions for your patients with data-driven insights

Ontada: Oncology technology and insights 
Discover clinical management technology from McKesson’s oncology technology and insights business, built to help you operate more efficiently, enable value-based care, and provide the information oncologists need to deliver high-quality patient care.