Integrating Bispecific Antibody Treatments into Your Community Oncology Practice

Introducing Bispecific Antibody Therapies into Your Practice

Are you interested in staying at the forefront of medical advancements and revolutionizing patient care? Implementing and overseeing bispecific therapies can be a multifaceted endeavor. Our playbook, developed by McKesson clinical and business experts, is a meticulously curated resource that draws on the experiences of clinics that have successfully integrated bispecific infusion therapies. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights and best practices to assist you in effectively exploring, launching, and managing bispecific therapies into your community oncology practice.

Some key highlights in this 71-page playbook include:

Bispecific PlaybookOverview of bispecific antibody therapies

Gain a solid understanding of bispecific antibody therapy, its benefits, and potential applications in your practice.

Integration strategies and tools for getting started with bispecific therapies

Uncover strategies to prepare for required investments and establish hospital partnerships to help you navigate the complexities associated with bispecific therapy implementation, ensuring seamless integration into your practice.

Addressing patient safety

Learn how to prioritize patient safety throughout the bispecific infusion process, from initial assessment to long-term monitoring.

Financial considerations

Discover best practices to enable financial success from your bispecific therapy program.

This playbook is just an introduction to bispecific therapy, and not intended to offer or act as a substitute for medical advice. Every practice is unique, and the insights you derive from it should be specific to the needs and realities of your practice.

Equip yourself with important knowledge and practical guidance to confidently explore and implement bispecific therapies.

Download the free playbook today and take the first step towards transforming your practice.