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Discover how we make your oncology practice more manageable.

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People and Solutions that Clear the Path so You Can Care for Your Patients

As an independent community oncology practice, you can rely on the people at McKesson. While you focus on patient care, we clear the path with solutions that make practice management more manageable. From smarter comprehensive drug management and oncology clinical management technology to insightful advisors and tools, we’re ready to help your practice discover the McKesson difference.

Today, building and growing an oncology practice takes more than medical expertise. Oncologists are seeking ways to successfully manage the business side of their practice (from new regulations to changes in drug pricing) which is critical for maintaining independence and future growth.

We clear the path so you can focus on cancer care

With McKesson, you gain a fierce advocate for community oncology with our proven know-how and access to tailored solutions that help you better manage the rising costs of drugs, improve your financial outlook, and handle administrative issues easier so that you can focus on maintaining high-quality care for your patients.

McKesson keeps you profitable by measuring the health of your oncology practice. Using advanced tools built for oncology, like an oncology-specific electronic health record system, practice analytics, and robust regimen and pathways selection support, we'll help you find the point where clinical efficacy meets financial success.

We know the ins and outs of the oncology landscape and where things are headed. We understand the latest in clinical research, treatment options and practice innovation. And we know where oncology practices get tripped up in their growth strategies and how to help you avoid these pitfalls.

The McKesson Difference

We’re all in to help you stay strong and independent.
We take the time to get to know your practice, and tailor our advice and efforts to meet your evolving needs.

Your patients trust you to give the personal attention they deserve, the quality of care they expect, and the hope they need. As an independent specialty care provider, you play a critical role in driving better patient outcomes close to home.

And you matter to McKesson. We care about your practice and your success, the way you care about your patients and their health. Making it easier to build a name in your community, spend more time with patients, and run your business the way you want to is at the center of what we do. When you choose McKesson, you get the dedication and support you deserve.

Our solutions deliver insights and a positive impact to your practice. You choose what you want, when you need it.

With McKesson, you’ll see a positive shift in your patient care, productivity and profits. Here’s how we do it:

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Smarter, comprehensive oncology drug management

We start with the most comprehensive specialty drug management solution portfolio available in the market. Count on getting the right medicines at the right time – reliably, safely and efficiently – with our state-of-the-art distribution systems. Gain purchasing power and savings by uniting with your peers under our oncology group purchasing organization. Manage your oncology drug inventory and minimize lost vials. Save money by maximizing billing and coding. Capture more specialty drug reimbursements. Identify opportunities for a medically integrated pharmacy in your practice.



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Revenue & reimbursement optimization

Want to optimize your specialty practice business? Our experienced practice consultants provide guidance and tailor a plan just for your practice needs today as well as planning for the future. We deliver clinical education, resources and personalized clinical consulting when you need it. We’re also Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) payment model experts and can keep you in the loop on public policy issues that affect your practice.



Oncology clinical management technology

Our comprehensive technology portfolio includes oncology-specific regimen support and pathways, a leading EHR, a patient portal, and practice analytics, helping you improve cancer treatment outcomes while participating in value-based care initiatives.



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Full-service management

Through The US Oncology Network, we give physician-owned specialty practices hands-on practice management support with the infrastructure, expertise and strength to succeed in today’s competitive healthcare environment. Discover if full-practice management support through The US Oncology Network is right for your practice.


Ask us how we can help your oncology practice today!

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Advancing the Future of Oncology Together

Hear from our customers as to how partnering with McKesson has allowed them to implement changes and deliver needed care more quickly, provide personalized medicine and clinical trials, and serve communities that wouldn't otherwise have local oncology care- ultimately providing hope to the patients they serve.

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Biosimilar Master Class

Dr. Robert Rifkin and a team of expert clinical specialists and business advisors help you understand biosimilars from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) perspective. While similar to biologic reference products, biosimilars have unique operational, clinical, and financial decision points critical to successfully implementing these therapies in your practice.