McKesson is here to help you navigate the biosimilar landscape, identify economic opportunities for your practice, and provide resources to physicians who are evaluating biosimilar drugs for their patients. Our advisors and resources can help you navigate every step of the biosimilar journey, from patient education to developing training programs for practice staff.

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Dr. Robert Rifkin and a team of expert clinical specialists and business advisors help you understand biosimilars from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) perspective. While similar to biologic reference products, biosimilars have unique operational, clinical, and financial decision points critical to successfully implementing these therapies in your practice.

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In our second session, Derek Burns, Clinical Specialist, discusses new biosimilar expansion across specialties and what your practice can do to begin preparing. He also covers clinical considerations of non-oncology practices and what to keep in mind for developing a biosimilar action plan specific to your practice.

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In our final session, Jason Ballash, Director of Multisource Programs, and John Griffith, Director of Clinical Services, take a look at the path ahead for the biosimilars. They provide an insightful overview of the biosimilar pipeline, highlighting notable launches on the horizon with a clinical perspective on trends in the market.

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Uncovering the Path to Successful Biosimilar Adoption for Your Specialty Practice

If your specialty practice is preparing to adopt biosimilars, McKesson can help. We clear the path by creating a roadmap for success. Our advisors and resources can help you navigate every step of the biosimilar journey, from patient education to developing training programs. McKesson also supports specialty practices like yours with communicating the facts clearly, implementing efficient workflows and driving operational excellence so you can focus on what matters most - caring for your patients.

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Your patients trust you to give the personal attention they deserve, the quality of care they expect, and the hope they need. As an independent specialty care provider, you play a critical role in driving better patient outcomes close to home.

And you matter to McKesson. We care about your practice and your success, the way you care about your patients and their health. Making it easier to build a name in your community, spend more time with patients, and run your business the way you want to is at the center of what we do. When you choose McKesson, you get the dedication and support you deserve.


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