Oncology Care Model (OCM)

The OCM requires participating practices to reduce the cost of care while improving quality and patient outcomes. McKesson’s solution helps your practice succeed.

What is the OCM?

The Oncology Care Model (OCM) is a 5-year project led by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) that requires practices to reduce the cost of care while improving quality and patient outcomes.

Community-based oncology practices accepted into the OCM pilot program began their journey toward better care, smarter spending and healthier patients on July 1, 2016. The program focuses on a comprehensive approach to patient care, including:

  • Patient navigation and improved access
  • Reduction in avoidable emergency department visits
  • Improved advanced care planning
  • Better psychosocial support

If practices achieve these objectives and maintain quality while reducing the cost of care, Medicare will share a portion of the savings with practices participating in the OCM. Additionally, OCM practices will receive a monthly incentive payment for every patient enrolled.

Expert OCM support and cutting-edge technology for oncology practices

Our OCM solution includes expert advisors with experience transitioning practices to value-based care programs. It also includes technology that enables:

  • OCM data capture
  • Quality metric calculation
  • Reporting and submission
  • Eligibility screening
  • Treatment plan completion and delivery
  • Patient navigation

Unique to the industry, these solutions were used and tested at pilot sites in The US Oncology Network. Early results from these and other experiences ensure community-based oncology practices have the right tools and processes for OCM success.

OCM advisors with proven experience

Our advisors have in-depth experience in efficient OCM practice transformation. Our expert advisors are available to:

  • Evaluate current practice state and identify any gaps
  • Deliver a tactical action plan and focused recommendations for uncovered gaps
  • Provide value-based care and OCM-specific education
  • Advise on how to better use existing technology or implement new technology
  • Assist practices in preparing for their CMS on-site audit
  • Provide data analytics and reporting support

Technology to help your practice succeed in the OCM

Our technology solutions help practices gain actionable insights into quality initiatives such as the OCM.

  • iKnowMed℠: ONC-certified, #1 ranked EHR that enables attestation to Modified Stage 2 Care Plan and streamlined documentation of OCM-required information, including patient navigation
  • Clear Value Plus℠: Enables adherence to nationally recognized clinical guidelines
  • Practice Insights℠: Enables data utilization for continuous quality improvement, as well as dashboard view of patient eligibility and status

The power of The US Oncology Network

The US Oncology Network stands at the forefront of value-based cancer care, with over 800 affiliated physicians participating in the OCM – 25% of all participating physicians nationwide. Setting the standards for cancer care of the future, The Network’s vast experience makes it uniquely qualified to provide the end-to-end support practices require as they move to this new environment.

The US Oncology Network helps practices transform operational and clinical activities that drive success and maximize performance. It develops, tests and refines innovative resources and toolkits to help practices thrive in the emerging performance-based environment. With more than 100,000 unique patients enrolled in the OCM, The US Oncology Network’s comprehensive support program (PDF, 892 KB) concentrates on five key areas:

  • Care and support team structure
  • Developing and deploying patient care paths
  • Technology and reporting needs
  • Financial models for incentive alignment
  • Revenue cycle management

Learn more about The US Oncology Network