Regimen Profiler: Financial Analysis and Treatment Estimator

Discover how the right data can help your practice make more informed decisions and eliminate the financial unknown for patients

Regimen Profiler is a web-based tool that provides a comprehensive view of expected drug and non-drug costs and reimbursement rates for administering specific regimens. Access financial analytics to review and evaluate economic data for different treatment regimens, as well as prepare a written financial estimate to help patients prepare for the cost of treatment.

For Your Practice

Use real time data to make fiscally responsible decisions on clinically equivalent treatment regimens based on cost, projected rebates, payer-specific fee schedules and practice reimbursement information.

  • Evaluate economics of treatment options for more than 1,400 regimens
  • Review stoplight indicators to help identify the financial impact of changing regimens
  • Compare up to 10 regimens with up to 6 payer fee schedules
  • Customize data views with filters and search functionality and create tailored reporting specific for each patient, payer, and regimen

For Your Patients

Reduce financial toxicity for your patients through financial counseling and provide patients with upfront cost of care estimates before treatment begins to ensure there are no surprises as they prepare for their treatment journey.

  • Include primary and secondary insurance and estimate when deductible and out of pocket maximums will be met
  • Input applicable patient financial assistance for a more comprehensive view
  • Meet value-based care requirements to provide patients cost of care estimates while also selecting regimens that are the most efficacious and cost effective