Lynx for Retina Specialists

Improve efficiency and workflow in your ophthalmology practice with the Lynx® web-based inventory management, charge capture and reporting solution.

Inventory management. Charge capture. Reporting. From procuring to dispensing and billing, Lynx® helps you track each and every dose of the costly injectable ophthalmic specialty drugs that you provide to your patients.

Support care with a best-in-class web-based inventory system

More than 3,100 physicians at 1,000 care sites count on Lynx® to help them manage their infusible and injectable inventory. From greater efficiency to billing support, that value is now available for use in retina practices like yours.

Lynx’s web-based platform gives you 24/7 access to your data for multiple users, along with benefits that add up quickly:

  • Better cash flow (50% reduction of days in on-hand inventory¹)
  • Improved charge capture (about 1.72% per physician each year²)
  • Increased billing process efficiency (28% fewer days to submit claims to payers²)
  • 50% less time needed for inventory management (two FTEs can focus on other priorities vs. verifying charge entry³)

Built in partnership with retina specialist experts

You can trust your retina inventory management to Lynx. We built the features of our web-based inventory management solution with the input and feedback of retina specialists like you. It has everything you need to ensure each dose is accounted for from procurement through billing.

Improve your cash flow with lean inventory processes

  • Transfer drug between multiples sites
    Advanced inventory management capabilities allow authorized staff to view, manage, and track drug purchases across sites.
  • Expired or damaged drug email alerts
    Never miss another drug expiration date. You don’t even have to be logged in to get our alerts.
  • Automated drug data capture with barcode scanning and serialization
    Keep track of your drug purchases and dispensing. Automation means you’ll see fewer mistakes and spend less time on data entry.
  • Inventory tracking for medication
    Easily view current inventory details and total value. See source detail so you can manage charity care drug.

Maximize drug reimbursement with complete charge capture

  • Left/right eye tracking
    Keep track of whether an ophthalmic drug was injected into a patient's right or left eye. Or check to see if the same drug was given in both eyes on the same date. Your reports will also show this information, so you can use it for filing.
  • 28-day and NDC vs. ICD-10 onscreen alerts
    Get an alert right away if you’re missing a code or are about to dispense a drug too soon. A user must confirm the alert before continuing, and all actions appear on an audit report.

Make better business decisions based on deep data insights

Financial reporting

You decide when you want your reports emailed, and who should get them. Lynx automatically runs queries that give you:

  • Aging reports: View all your unpaid invoices.
  • Value of current inventory on hand: Find out how much your current drug inventory is worth.
  • Expected reimbursement reports: Estimate how much you’ll get reimbursed for the ophthalmic drugs you’ve dispensed. Then forecast revenue based on this report.

Billing reconciliation

Make sure your billing is correct and that you’re getting 100% of your drug reimbursements.

Drive operational efficiency to focus on patient care

A more efficient system means you and your staff have more time to take care of your patients.

Lynx gives you greater freedom with features that:

  • Work with more than 50 different PM/EHR programs
  • Give instant access to your secure, HIPAA-compliant data
  • Offer flexible workflow and functionality options to meet your needs
  • Deliver automatic software updates with the latest features
  • Support users to help you minimize interruptions

Avoid the hassle of a major systems overhaul at your practice

Are you worried that updating your drug inventory system might bring your retinal practice to a grinding halt? We’ve got you covered. We make the whole process simple, so you don’t have to deal with surprises along the way. All you have to do is keep delivering outstanding eye patient care during your switch to Lynx.

¹ Case Study: Improve Performance by Optimizing Specialty Inventory Control (PDF, 44 KB)
² Case Study: Lynx for Inventory Management, Charge Capture and Clinical Workflow (PDF, 968 KB)
³ White Paper: Value of Technology for Community-based Oncology Practices (PDF, 1 MB)


6 Steps to Prepare for Lynx

We make it easy for your specialty retinal practice to transition to Lynx. Here’s a quick guide to how we do it.