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Improve patient care in your physician office lab or hospital lab. Look to our high-quality laboratory equipment, services and resources to help your business thrive.

When it comes to your hospital lab or physician office lab, precise testing and accurate results matter. The right diagnosis means you can give your patients the right care.


But in today’s healthcare landscape, lab results alone won’t cut it. Profitability matters. Cost savings matter. Compliance, accuracy and efficiency—they all matter, too. As your lab navigates these challenges, count on us as an ally.

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Innovative, precise products for your physician office and hospital lab

Wherever your patients are on the continuum of care, we have the precise, reliable lab equipment you need to help them. And you’ll be able to effectively manage your business with the help of our laboratory supplies and laboratory services.

Explore resources that help you prepare for point-of-care lab testing

Products for labs of all kinds

Browse our lab supply catalog of more than 45,000 industry-leading products—for every type of lab. You’ll find everything from CLIA-waived tests to moderately complex and highly complex scalable diagnostic solutions.

National brands

Deliver outstanding patient and resident care with high-quality laboratory equipment from leading national brands. We stock lab supplies from national brands including 3M Medical, Welch Allyn, Abbott Diagnostics and many more.

McKesson's exclusive brand of products

Browse more than 5,000 physician office lab and hospital lab supplies from our portfolio of high-quality private-label brands. McKesson Brands offer everything from lab apparel to diagnostic equipment—at competitive prices.

Our catalog includes high-quality lab supplies in categories like:

Laboratory services for efficiency, budgeting and compliance

We don’t have to tell you that lab tests play a huge role in giving patients the best possible care.

But we also know that today’s laboratory environment comes with plenty of business and regulatory challenges. The good news is you can address those challenges while spending more time on what really matters: patients.

We can help you with:

  • Lab staffing and productivity
  • Operational workflow
  • Reimbursement
  • Lab budgeting constraints
  • Increased regulation
  • Clinical efficiency

MedSol Laboratory Consulting

Running a successful lab sometimes requires expert support. Our licensed laboratory consultants can help you with everything from setup and lab accreditation to ongoing laboratory consulting.

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Lab SD² management system

Smart laboratory management starts with intelligent software. Lab SD² lets you analyze, standardize and optimize your processes with lab intelligence software supported by our team of experts.

Laboratory Implementation Team

If you’re setting up a new lab, our Laboratory Implementation Team can help from start to finish. We make sure you have enough space for lab supplies. We also check hazard protocols, test your equipment and more. We can even set up a single piece of equipment. Email us now.

Laboratory specialists

Are you expanding your lab, or maybe building a new one? Our team of laboratory specialists can work with you on a wide range of laboratory equipment and categories. Email us now.

A nationwide distribution network for physician office and hospital labs

With 37 nationwide centers, a 98% fill rate and 99.8% order accuracy, we’ve got your laboratory covered. Our distribution network delivers the right lab supplies, right on time.

Our national medical-surgical distribution network offers same-day delivery to more than 95% of our customers. Our private delivery vehicle fleet and team of more than 900 delivery professionals make sure of that.

We also offer these special lab distribution services:

  • Sequestration allows receipt of same lot numbers on multiple orders
  • Cold chain integrity provides control for temperature-sensitive lab supplies throughout the delivery process
  • Lot track and trace

Learn more about our distribution services

Easy-to-use medical supplies ordering and inventory technology

Streamline your lab’s operations with our automated technology solutions. Whether you’re looking to reduce your lab’s costs, manage time or align your processes, we can help you get there.


Lab inventory control is a breeze with McKesson SupplyManagerSM, our web-based online ordering system. SupplyManager lets you quickly find lab supplies by category, description, manufacturer or item number.

Learn more about McKesson SupplyManager


Keep tighter control on lab inventory volume and maximize shelf space with McKesson ScanManagerSM. This handheld barcode-based supply management system and integrated laser scanner saves you time and helps reduce errors. That means better efficiency for your lab’s entire process.

Learn more about McKesson ScanManager

Inventory Manager

Manage your lab’s perpetual inventory and maintain PAR levels for your clinic lab with McKesson Inventory Manager. Ideal for labs, Inventory Manager allows you to track products with lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates, such as reagents and more.

Learn more about McKesson Inventory Manager

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