Manage Patient Affordability for Your Therapy Through Co-pay Assistance Programs

Increase patient access and adherence to your therapy with LoyaltyScript® and other co-pay assistance programs.

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As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, your business depends on patients having access to the medications they need. The more you can do to support a patient’s ability to adhere to their medication, the better their outcome and the more your business can grow to serve your customers.

McKesson can help you ensure patients can overcome the barriers to medication adherence. We offer programs for pharmacy co-pay and medical benefit co-pay, and we work with you to determine how they can best support your business.

LoyaltyScript, McKesson's market-leading pharmacy co-pay solution

Help patients overcome financial barriers to adherence with our trusted pharmacy co-pay support solution, LoyaltyScript®. LoyaltyScript helps tens of thousands of patients save money on their medications every day. It also offers multi-channel support, sending patients relevant messages based on actions or inactivity including:

  • Financial discounts
  • Phone-based adherence coaching through trained adherence-support representatives
  • Digital support, including web and mobile
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and live support
  • Pharmacy and HCP portal integration
  • Linking to eRX system
  • Print, including program materials, direct mail, and ongoing fulfillment
  • Operational integration to hub services for applicable brands

Customized medical benefit co-pay assistance programs

Specialty brands often require medical benefit co-pay programs, particularly for infused and in-office administered products. Depending on a patient’s product portfolio and provider coverage, brands may offer medical or pharmacy benefit support—or both.

Our team of experts will work to understand your financial support needs, building an integrated co-pay solution to help you serve patients and promote loyalty. We engage and educate provider staff in the processes of enrollment, claims submission and payment. We also provide ongoing adherence coaching for patients to help them overcome barriers, set expectations and deter drop off.

Applying medical benefit co-pay

Our medical co-pay program is a simple process that follows these steps:

  1. The provider faxes a claim form, along with the patient’s commercial insurance evidence of benefits (EOB), to bill the program.
  2. Each claim gets reviewed for compliance with the program rules. (This step ensures only eligible providers and patients receive reimbursement for covered products.)
  3. The medical co-pay program provides prompt payment to the provider by check or direct deposit.
  4. With each claim, the provider receives an EOB that clearly communicates the patient’s program status and remaining benefits.
Are you a patient looking for co-pay assistance?

Patients seeking co-pay assistance for specific drugs should visit the manufacturer’s website. For replacement cards and support for pharmacists, please visit