Medical Supplies for Health Systems Non-Acute Care

As more patient care moves to non-acute settings, your health system's supply chain also needs to shift. Take control of your clinical and financial outcomes with our supplies and solutions for health systems.

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The stakes have changed. It's time to raise the bar.

The pandemic has changed supply chain expectations – for good. simply surviving isn't enough, being resilient and ever-ready has moved from an aspiration to table stakes. and it starts with the right partner to support you – every step of the way.

That's why we're redefining supply chain expectations. McKesson Medical-Surgical is raising the bar, providing health systems with patient-focused solutions and world-class distribution, all from a trusted partner you can count on. From physician offices to surgery centers and patient's homes, we tailor our breadth of offerings to create a unique roadmap that helps you build a resilient, high-performing supply chain.

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A nationwide medical supply distribution network

99.8% order accuracy. 37 nationwide centers. a 98% fill rate. get the right medical supplies for health systems, right on time.

Our national medical-surgical distribution network offers same-day delivery service to more than 95% of our customers. our private delivery vehicle fleet and team of more than 900 delivery professionals make sure of that.

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Improving financial performance for health systems

Strong financial performance doesn't just mean driving down costs. your health system also needs to focus on service levels, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Improve outcomes for both your patients and your health system with our inventory management tools.

  • Simplify your accounting process with okay to pay
  • Improve reporting accuracy with GL codes
  • Quickly reorder medical supplies directly from the supply storage or at the point of care via McKesson ScanManager
  • Keep the right medical supplies in stock with mckesson inventory manager. it's a barcode-based solution for multi-vendor inventory management
  • Simplify the manual intraocular lens (iol) inventory process with mckesson implant manager
  • Identify trends and opportunities with the mckesson business analytics℠ dashboard

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Resources for a stronger clinical infrastructure

Providing the best care possible is your health system's top priority. Improve your clinical infrastructure by building a system that reduces hospital readmissions and provides rapid-response laboratory services at the point of care.

McKesson readmissions resource™

Help reduce hospital readmissions by emphasizing continuity of care. for help with this, look to the McKesson readmissions resource. it offers valuable readmissions information in one place to help you make sure residents and patients continue healing while in your care.

Lab services and resources

Improve lab productivity, physician consultations, patient compliance and satisfaction with our point-of-care laboratory services.

Service and support for every non-acute care setting

The right resources can help overcome organizational inertia in your health system. we're here to help you drive systemic change.

  • Integrate new acquisitions more effectively
  • Improve your physician office lab's profitability
  • Streamline your logistics with the help of our six sigma consultants
  • Let our strong account management team help improve your supply chain
  • Get help with our medical supplies and equipment for health systems

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Compliance training solutions for health systems

Track your compliance training with MedTrainer®, an affordable, easy-to-use learning management system (LMS). medtrainer gears each training to individual care settings within health systems, including:

  • Physician offices
  • Surgery centers
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics

MedTrainer includes modules for OSHA, HIPPA and accreditation. it covers safety plans, incident reporting, SDS management and more.

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Medical supplies for health systems

With more than 45,000 products in our portfolio, McKesson Medical-Surgical is the only wholesale partner you need to help your health system grow and thrive. Our carefully selected national brands and private label McKesson brands let you offer patients better care and more flexibility.

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Automate medical supply ordering and purchasing with McKesson's portable bar code scanner inventory tool.

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Improve medical supply ordering and purchasing efficiency with McKesson's web-based ordering and inventory management system for your healthcare practice or facility.

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The roadmap to non-acute success

Learn how an experienced strategic partner can help health systems create - and navigate - an effective non-acute strategy in ten key areas, from operations and analytics to standardization and post-acute care.


Testing in a pandemic: How health systems can prepare for this respiratory season

COVID-19 will remain a challenge in tandem with other seasonal illnesses like flu. Are you prepared to respond with the correct diagnostic testing equipment and services?


Insights to Enhance Your Business

You need an accurate and in-depth view of your business to identify ways to stay competitive and profitable. McKesson Business Analytics℠ provides real-time, actionable insights into your business.