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Navigate the oncology care continuum using real-world data and research with Ontada™, a McKesson business focused on real-world data and evidence, clinical education and provider technology. Leverage Ontada’s data-driven solutions and actionable insights to fuel your oncology therapy’s clinical and commercial success.

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We understand that the success of your oncology therapy depends on solving a multi-faceted puzzle. Ontada brings together best-in-class technology and data assets, cutting-edge analytics capabilities and deep oncology expertise to help you connect your therapies with the right patients at the right time.

Real-world research

With Ontada’s real world research, go to market faster and demonstrate outcomes-based value using Ontada’s fit-for-purpose data and market-leading research expertise. Ontada’s real-world research creates proven value -- enabling innovation through the support of pragmatic trials, external control arms and predictive modeling for protocols.

Ontada’s offerings include:

  • External controls: Previous clinical trial/study data is curated and applied to create a virtual control group for a trial
  • Treatment pattern studies: Better understand the patterns in patient therapies
  • Pragmatic trials: Inform decision-makers about the comparative balance of benefits, burdens and risks of biomedical or behavioral intervention at the individual or population level
  • Trial optimization: Trial and site feasibility to help design studies and evaluate trials

Market insights

Inform every stage of your commercial strategy with Ontada’s market insights. Powered by real-world data, our solutions deliver clarity on everything from product utilization to treatment patterns -- paving the way for you to optimize every aspect of how your product is experienced by providers and patients.

Ontada’s offers include:

  • Clinical Data ViewsTM: Structured and enriched data from our regulatory-grade oncology data lake powered by EHR patient records from > 2,000 providers. This de-identified patient health status and/or the delivery of care enables you to conduct your own analysis
  • Reports: Customized data feeds rendered in structured report formats for a more intuitive and versatile RWE analysis experience. These are offered with a license per diagnosis (or brand) to access a broad range of data reports that vary in complexity
  • Real-time alerts: Powerful notifications triggered by specific customer requests which generates daily alerts of clinical, reimbursement and/or claims diagnosis
  • Market research: Actionable insights into community oncology trends at the national, regional and local levels. This includes valuable information on how a therapy is experienced by providers and patients, from product utilization to treatment patterns

Market engagement

Whether it's through digital channels or live events, Ontada's market engagement solutions offer customized educational programs and unique provider insights to help you advance your commercial goals.

Ontada’s offerings include:

  • Provider education: Direct educational platform to inform providers about new and recent drug/brand developments and information – either in-person or virtually
  • Patient education: Targeted channels to engage with patients on treatment options, side effects, and support
  • Brand visibility & announcements: Brand-specific educational content delivered with the added credibility of McKesson and The US Oncology Network

From market insights and engagement to real-world evidence, Ontada offers timely answers that help life sciences companies change lives. Contact Ontada for help meeting your goals and achieving the best patient outcomes.