McKesson Specialty Network: Bridging the Gaps in the Specialty Marketplace

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When it comes to managing specialty disease states, the last thing you want a patient to worry about is access to the right medication or unnecessary travel or time to receive care.

Expanding on our mission of advancing healthcare for all, the McKesson Specialty Network combines McKesson’s specialty pharmacy Biologics with a new specialty-focused pharmacy services administrative organization (PSAO), Atlas Specialty.

Atlas Specialty leverages the strength of McKesson’s PSAO to bridge the gap between payers and providers, offering expanded access to the right single and multi-specialty contracts for the communities you serve. These strategic relationships with payers and pharmacy benefit managers not only drive lower drug and total care costs but with less time spent on administrative tasks, you can focus what’s most important - patient health.

Let us partner with you to improve care in every setting, one patient at a time.

A Seamless Continuum of Care

To bring the highest standard of care to patients, we work with three essential partners.

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Health Systems

Working with payers, health systems and PBMs, Atlas Specialty contracts provide Health Systems with operational efficiencies that allow them to help solve for gaps in the specialty marketplace.

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Medically Integrated Dispensing

Atlas Specialty offers unique contract access for Medically Integrated Dispensing (MID) practices, offering more choice to help lower total cost of care.

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Specialty Pharmacies

Through expanded access to the right contracts, Atlas Specialty helps Specialty pharmacies navigate the complex specialty marketplace by providing unique access and operational efficiencies.

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