Biologics by McKesson: A Specialty Pharmacy with Patients at its Heart

We bring more than 25 years of experience to the oncology and rare disease space. Our patients receive high-touch, individualized specialty pharmacy services. Our biopharma partners thrive with custom commercialization solutions.

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Specialty pharmacy services customized for cancer and rare disease patients

Biologics by McKesson is an independent specialty pharmacy that puts patients first. Focusing on treatments for cancer and rare diseases, we believe in care that’s designed for each patient’s needs.

Our specialty pharmacy’s compassionate, patient-first approach helps people navigate the fragmented healthcare system. We provide benefits investigation and work to make treatments affordable. We also help patients understand how to take their medication and manage side effects.

At the same time, we help our biopharma partners ensure their drug is distributed effectively, work with providers to deliver exceptional care and support payers by reducing unexpected costs.

Specialty pharmacy support every step of the way

Our specialty pharmacy patients receive exceptional care from our multidisciplinary clinical Care Team and Rare Pod™ program. We help patients stay on therapy and work through any issues they’re experiencing. We also help patients navigate the complex healthcare system and connect them with financial assistance.

Bottom line? We support patients clinically, emotionally and financially. Because at Biologics by McKesson, patients are at the heart of everything we do.

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A Seamless Continuum of Care

To bring the highest standard of care to patients, we work with three essential partners.

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Biopharma manufacturers

Our team understands the market needs for cancer and rare disease therapies. We work with oncology and orphan drug manufacturers to ensure they achieve commercialization success. We start patients on their therapy as quickly as possible and help them stay on it as long as medically necessary, ensuring patients have the best possible chance at seeing positive health outcomes.

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Biologics provides industry-leading access to cancer and rare disease therapies. Our expert clinical Care Team personalizes patient care plans and helps patients manage side effects. They also work hand in hand with providers, regularly sharing information on patients’ treatment journeys. The goal is a seamless experience for patients and providers.

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Biologics works to break down barriers to medication access. Our multidisciplinary Care Team collaborates with patients to optimize medication adherence. That means fewer readmissions and trips to the ER, as well as lower healthcare spend.

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