Health Mart Atlas: The Nation’s Largest PSAO

The largest network of high-performing ISMC pharmacies, providing access to narrow networks through strategic contracting, increased pharmacy efficiencies, and the tools to remain top pharmacy performers.

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Health Mart Atlas is invested in your pharmacy's success. We listen to the needs of community pharmacies and are committed to being transparent and accountable as we work with you to improve your business.

Health Mart Atlas PSAO features include:

Strategic contracting:

  • Our contract review process assesses four major areas (plan components, financial terms, performance opportunities and contract language), ensuring Health Mart Atlas is entering contracts that are best for our member pharmacies’ business.
  • Health Mart Atlas pharmacies have exclusive inclusion in many preferred contracts as well as access to select performance opportunities not broadly available to smaller PSAOs.

Increasing pharmacy efficiencies:

  • Health Mart Atlas consolidates your reimbursements from multiple managed care plans and sends 100% of the dollars to you in easy-to-track payments. You save time and have fewer checks to manage and deposit. Remittance reports are available the same day and can be viewed online with McKesson Connect pharmaceutical ordering platform.
  • The Health Mart Atlas onboarding process ensures Health Mart Atlas pharmacies’ managed care contracts are up and running when they are.

Pharmacy performance:

  • Our pharmacies’ on-demand access to performance dashboards and our myriad tools and resources, like the Results Optimizer and DIR Estimator Tool, help our pharmacies maximize reimbursements and manage cash flow
  • Experienced clinical advisors help our Health Mart Atlas pharmacies achieve their performance goals

Health Mart Atlas is:

Invested in your pharmacy’s performance: As a leading independent pharmacy network, Health Mart Atlas helps you improve your clinical outcomes so your pharmacy can perform at its best.

Focused on business results: With our experience in managed care and contracting, Health Mart Atlas is focused on helping pharmacies identify opportunities are right for your unique needs.

Working to make your job easier: Health Mart Atlas cuts through the complexity of today’s industry, reviewing a number of criteria on behalf of pharmacies to make sure you’re signing the best contracts for your pharmacies’ business. Contract criteria includes strategic components, financial terms, performance opportunities and contract language.

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