The Key to Amplifying Your Sales Team’s Efforts

Discover how RxCrossroads by McKesson's sales force enhancement team can help maximize your sales reach.

Sales force enhancement services help maximize a company’s sales reach, adding a critical support layer to on-the-ground teams without the potential overhead.

RxCrossroads by McKesson’s sales enhancement services allow biopharmaceutical companies to strategically invest in sales staff support. Investment in sales force enhancement services is an increasingly attractive option for supporting product launches. Plus, it’s a more compelling tactic than simply bulking up sales force numbers — a strategy that may not allow for cost-effectiveness or agility.

RxCrossroads offers biopharma an efficient way to expand a product’s reach with minimal effort by training, housing and deploying three key services to support companies’ sales teams: the capability to support scripted outbound call campaigns, the ability to act as sales case managers and liaison for outside sales reps and a highly trained support staff working on behalf of a biopharma-designed program. Here’s an in-depth look at these sales enhancement services:

1. Outbound Calling Campaigns

Working remotely on behalf of biopharma, RxCrossroads’ inside sales professionals can execute a company’s scripted outbound call campaign to deliver clinical updates, information about changes in a formulary and other key communications that directly impact impeded sales.

2. Sales Support Services

Sales force enhancement teams can support patient case management efforts, boosting the quality of the experience and providing a cost-effective supplement to the sales team’s education of individual prescribers. These biopharma-designed support programs lend themselves to any type of biopharmaceutical medication, but they are especially impactful when sales teams are spread thin — typically for products that have a large market and customer volume or those that require extensive follow-up that might be too time-consuming for outside reps to manage as they travel and pursue new relationships.

With RxCrossroads’ virtual capabilities, our sales support specialists can handle follow-up tasks with individual practices at the request of the biopharma company— including taking orders and reorders from physicians, answering questions, handling product-quality complaints, triaging and more. They truly are an extension of the customer, communicating on their behalf through predetermined program parameters when it’s not possible for the rep to be present.

3. Inside Sales Services

Many of RxCrossroads’ inside sales professionals have extensive experience in outside pharmaceutical sales. This clinically trained sales force is equipped to take on most of the responsibilities of an outside sales rep. They work directly through the biopharma company’s sales force system, executing a biopharma-designed program in the new landscape and supporting remote territories. This provides the ability to address more whitespace regions for which manufacturers can’t dedicate on-the-ground resources.

Deploying a trained, brand-represented sales presence in these under-covered, under-supported regions on behalf of the biopharma company allows for cost-efficient expanded reach and market penetration. Often, a single individual is responsible for calling on prescribers in these designated areas to build relationships and engage with potential customers just as an outside sales rep would. This role is particularly useful for reaching less-populated territories during a new drug launch or generating interest in the brand until the biopharma company feels confident that a sales rep should be positioned there. As demand for the product grows and new territories open, inside sales teams can temporarily fill new territories or vacated and backfilled territories, minimizing whitespace and expanding product reach.

As biopharma companies strategically focus outside sales reps to key demographic centers for end-of-life products, RxCrossroads’ inside sales team supports the brand and the physician population across the country so the customer can ensure their sunset strategy.

RxCrossroads works with biopharma companies to strategically plan and design deployment of these three roles where they’ll be needed most. Sales enhancement teams provide a tailored, flexible and prudent approach to outside sales team development that allows companies to scale up or down with market changes and make smarter use of resources in uncertain and competitive times.