McKesson’s Health Mart Atlas Participates in Pilot to Expand Access to Care in Hard-to-Reach Communities

In collaboration with Optum Rx, the pilot program helps address health equity challenges.

Read time: 3 minutes

By: McKesson Editorial Team

For vulnerable populations in rural and underserved areas, community and independent pharmacies are a key in providing patients with access to the care they need. With this in mind, Optum Rx is launching initiatives aimed to support pharmacists in connecting their patients to services that address basic needs. Commonly located in hard-to-reach locations, member pharmacies of McKesson’s Health Mart Atlas—one of the nation’s largest PSAOs—will participate in Optum Rx’s pilot program.

In this recent article, Crystal Lennartz, Vice President, General Manager of Health Mart Atlas & Atlas Specialty, shares her thoughts on how the collaboration with Optum Rx is aligned with Health Mart Atlas’ vision to help strengthen the overall health of pharmacies and elevate the role they play in people’s lives. This broader, industry-leading commitment will help bridge resource gaps in communities.

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