National Pharmacy Buyer Day Puts Vital Professionals in the Spotlight

Keeping shelves stocked with the right medications is more involved than you might think.

By: McKesson Health Systems Editorial Team

Read time: 2 minutes

Pharmacy Buyers: Managing Budgets, Drug Shortages, and More

National Pharmacy Buyer Day falls on October 28, 2022 — the Friday of the last full week in October. It’s a relatively new tradition, introduced in the mid-2000s. Yet it pays tribute to both the storied past and up-to-the-minute challenges of this specialized pharmacy profession.

Today’s pharmacy buyers are responsible for keeping shelves stocked with essential medications throughout their health systems. At the same time, they have an ongoing mandate to manage costs and expiration dates. Their role requires both in-depth medical knowledge and a keen grasp of the myriad issues that can lead to drug shortages — giving them the valuable insights they need to anticipate which drugs may soon be in short supply and refocus their efforts on therapeutic equivalents.

Pharmacy budgets are typically among the largest cost centers for health systems. Increasingly, however, they are also helping to drive pharmacy revenues through meticulous contract management, specialty pharmacy and more.

To all of the pharmacy buyers who balance the dynamic demands of patient care and fiscal responsibility every day, thank you for working hard and smart to strengthen the continuum of care. National Pharmacy Buyer Day is the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on the contributions you make all year round.

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