Podcast: The Current State of Healthcare Supply Chain

A conversation on what’s next with global supply chain.

By: The Journal of Healthcare Contracting

Listen time: 24 minutes

Scott Adams, publisher of The Journal of Healthcare Contracting and Repertoire Magazine, recently hosted a roundtable podcast to discuss global supply chain disruptions in healthcare with four supply chain team members from McKesson, including:

  • Jon Archer, senior manager of Transportation
  • Terry Henderson, senior director of Global Procurement
  • Jack Slagle, vice president of Category Management
  • Krista Durst, field service representative

Their conversation centered around the supply chain and managing it every day to support health systems and alternate sites across the U.S. Plus, what’s on the horizon for the healthcare supply chain over the next 3-6 months?

Among areas discussed, panelists covered:

  • The impact McKesson has seen as a whole on the healthcare supply chain
  • Logistical actions and operational changes McKesson has made to help with the disruption for providers
  • Best practices, as demonstrated by relationships and partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, GPOs and providers
  • PPE availability
  • Working through supply chain issues over the next 3-6 months

Learn what McKesson is doing to create solutions that help minimize the impact.

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