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Experience a first-of-its kind revenue intelligence solution leveraging predictive machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve claims management and acceptance rates for your specialty practice.

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Revenue integrity is one of the biggest financial challenges for providers. In 2022 alone, practices reported a 42% increase in claims denials. Denied claims result in payment loss, reimbursement delays and burn countless hours of healthcare professionals’ time on this complex process. For patients, these denials can cause financial anxiety, adverse health outcomes and ultimately strain the provider-patient relationship. It’s no surprise that 47% of providers say improving clean claims rates is one of their top pain points.1 That’s where Glide can help.

Glide is an innovative revenue cycle solution that can help improve claims acceptance rates and help get your specialty practice paid in-full, on time, every time. It’s the only solution available that dynamically predicts billing errors in advance, so your claims are approved more often, and your practice is reimbursed faster. By implementing Glide into your practice, you can manage the revenue cycle with ease.

Catches claim errors before they’re submitted

Claims management can be challenging. With the complexities of coding policies and prior authorizations, practices often face underbilled claims, underpaid claims, aged claims, delayed payments, or missed charges altogether, which directly impacts your bottom line. Glide’s cutting-edge technology built on a proprietary algorithm helps to prevent claims denials and underpayments by catching claim errors before they’re submitted. By identifying issues during staging and treatment selections, prior authorization requirements, underpayment procedures, and impacts from denials or missed charges all in real-time, Glide frees up resources and helps ensure your practice is paid in full, on time, every time.

Claims submissions reimbursed up to 6 weeks faster

By analyzing your practice’s historic claims submission data, Glide remains one step ahead. It identifies characteristics that may be problematic within an outbound claim and notifies your team of necessary changes before submission. With errors captured upfront and presented prior to submission, Glide can help get your practice reimbursed 6 weeks faster than practices without a predictive solution in place.

Predictive AI technology with seamless integration

Glide seamlessly integrates into your existing practice management system. Working within your current billing workflow, Glide creates a library of potential claims error predictions based on your unique historical denials. These predictions are based on reviews and observations of payer plans, procedures, ICD10 codes, modifiers, and other data elements, so moving forward your team has the prospective insight to avoid future claims denials. Glide’s prediction library is dynamically updated in real-time as new claim and remittance information is made available.

1Report: The State of Claims 2022

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A quote reading &quot;This tool delivers knowledge, expertise, and power to be able to make corrections to claims before they leave the practice.&quot;

“We love being able to capture issues before the claims are sent out.”

Hear what customers have to say about Glide Health, the only solution on the market that dynamically predicts billing errors, ensuring your claims are approved and your practice is reimbursed faster.