McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions Launches LoyaltyScript@Retail to Support Pharmacy-Based Patient Savings and Improved Adherence

December 17, 2014

Solution provides retail pharmacists easy, in-store, online access to co-pay savings offers for medications across a wide range of therapeutic classes

SCOTTSDALE, AZ, December 17, 2014 – McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions (MPRS), a division of McKesson Corporation dedicated to improving health outcomes by increasing patient adherence to prescribed medication regimens, announced the successful launch of LoyaltyScript@Retail to provide pharmacists with a timely, convenient means of providing patient savings and enhanced care at the point of dispensing. LoyaltyScript@Retail provides pharmacists with easy, in-store, online access to co-pay savings offers for a growing list of medications across a range of therapeutic classes, including diabetes, hypertension, respiratory, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases.

The solution will be available initially at more than 10,000 pharmacies, including Health Mart pharmacies, chain store networks, and independent pharmacies around the country. The number of participating pharmacies is expected to increase to more than 20,000 pharmacies by early 2015.

“While physicians remain a primary source for patients to learn about the availability of medication savings programs, an increasing number of patients are seeking information from their pharmacist. According to recently released McKesson research, more than one-third of patients indicated that they have asked their pharmacist about lower cost medications and 71% indicated they would be more likely to fill their prescription if the pharmacist provided a medication savings card or coupon,” said Derek Rago, Vice President/General Manager, McKesson Patient Relationship Solutions. “In one click, pharmacists have instant access to a growing list of online brand offers through LoyaltyScript@Retail, helping them meet the needs of patients seeking co-pay savings offers at the pharmacy, providing affordable prescriptions and ultimately improving patient adherence.”

“I often sit down with my patients to search manufacturer websites for brand coupons to address their financial needs. The LoyaltyScript@Retail solution allows me to deliver that same quality care in a timely manner, allowing for greater focus on patient needs beyond financial,” said John Kross, owner, Pill Box Health Mart Pharmacy, Pembroke Pines, Fla.

From a single destination and within current pharmacy workflows, LoyaltyScript@Retail provides pharmacists with convenient, one-stop access to adherence support tools to encourage better health outcomes for their patients. Ideal for reaching patients who may not be aware of, or have access to co-pay savings offers and loyalty programs, the program provides pharmacists with a means to help patients start and stay on their prescribed therapy and improve health outcomes.

Improving medication adherence continues to be a major focus of healthcare reform and measurement of pharmacy performance. Addressing the financial barriers to adherence is a challenge for pharmacists as patients often do not know the amount of their out of pocket co-pay amount until that “moment of truth” at the counter when they are about to pick up their prescription. Some patients simply cannot afford to purchase their prescription and walk away. The LoyaltyScript@Retail solution offers pharmacists the opportunity to intervene at those moments and provide prescription savings offers at the counter to patients who might otherwise abandon their prescription.

“According to a survey by Pharmacy Times, nearly 70% of pharmacists encounter patients seeking co-pay cards at least a few times per week, and 77% of pharmacists use co-pay cards at least once per day. LoyaltyScript@Retail expands on McKesson’s strategy to provide co-pay offers and program information through innovative delivery channels, reaching healthcare providers including pharmacists, physicians, and patients in their care and provides patients, otherwise missed by co-pay and loyalty program access channels, with access to savings and loyalty program information in support of better health,” added Rago.

MPRS also announced that it has recently released a whitepaper outlining the growing role of pharmacists in medication adherence and quality patient care based in part on new patient research commissioned by MPRS which identified emerging trends in medication adherence, the use of co-pay cards, and attitudes towards physicians and pharmacists.

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